Duke Nukem Forever in 2008? Eh, the rumors are flying!

An insider reveals that significant progress has been made on the PC code of the game and development has finally picked up its pace over the year. The game's look is supposed to be completely over the edge with tons of stuff returning from the original series (Shrink ray and Nuke button rumored to be confirmed).

The gameplay is being pepped up with attitude, killing a mutated pig with a 8 ball stick never felt so good, a console version is also being planned upon simultaneously, and expect further announcements around some big gaming expos next year.

View: Original Story @ Duke4.net
Link: More Information and Discussion @ VE3D

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"An insider reveals that significant progress has been made on the PC code of the game"
and it hasn't for the last... 8 years ? Oh come on

I just looked at some of the gfx.... my god, it back to 1998 N64 style BLOCK graphics, well at least it will run on my ge-force 2 MX!


this is one of those stories, along with "elvis / yeti / ufo spotted!!!", that lousy reporters tend to recycle when they are unable to deliver on their assignment.

gotta see it to believe it...give us some damn screenshots already if you want to get back any type of hype for this

I call horse apples on this. This steaming pile has been in development for what, 10 years now? What does it run on, DirectX 3 with NT 4.0 or Windows 98?

Nose Nuggets said,
lol! cut your losses guys and start a fresh project. that game looks horrible.

You do realize those screens are from like 2000 right? 3D Realms is using a totally new renderer now (rumored of course to be UE3) and the two bite sizes screens that they've shown over the past 6 months or so are quite nice actually (especially Duke himself)