E3 2013: Microsoft Xbox One-Xbox 360 live blog

Yes, we have arrived for the first of the five (yes, five) E3 2013 press conferences that we are supposed to cover today. We are inside the Galen Center in Los Angeles waiting for Microsoft to begin its Xbox One-Xbox 360 press event. Everything is supposed to start at 9:30 am Pacific time (12:30 pm Eastern time). Stay tuned.

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Neowin Live - This event has concluded

16:16 John Callaham Welcome to this Neowin.net live event. Coverage will begin shortly.
16:17 John Callaham We are inside the Galen Center...getting ready to be dazzled..we hope
16:20 John Callaham It's pretty packed in here...and photographers are scrabling to get in position to get the best shots of the stage
16:22 John Callaham all i see is the message/caption bar and the submit query button
16:29 John Callaham we should be getting underway shortly
16:37 John Callaham sorry again folks..internet connection is bad here
16:37 John Callaham Metal Gear Solid game ..open world...horse riding..weather..coolness
16:38 John Callaham The audience is eating this up
16:39 John Callaham Solid Snake is taking out some bad guys
16:40 John Callaham female sniper named Quiet who apparently doesn't wear a lot of clothges
16:42 John Callaham It looks like Metal Gear Solid 5 is going to be a Xbox One title
16:42 John Callaham Don Mattrick and Kojima are on stage
16:43 John Callaham we are supposed to see 13 Xbox One titles during the conference
16:43 John Callaham but first, some new games for the Xbox 360
16:44 John Callaham the Xbox 360 is getting a revamp
16:44 John Callaham looks like the Xbox one now
16:44 John Callaham available today
16:45 John Callaham also Xbox Live Gold members will get two tree games per month starting July 1
16:45 John Callaham Getting a game reveal now fort the Xbox 360
16:46 John Callaham World of Tanks is coming to the Xbox 360
16:46 John Callaham this is the free-to-play WWII game that launched on the PC
16:49 John Callaham the Xbox 360 version is coming this summer
16:50 John Callaham Max The Curse of Brotherhood is beings shown next
16:50 John Callaham It's a platformer that looks kid oriented
16:51 John Callaham The other Xbox 360 game is Ascend
16:52 John Callaham no wait
16:52 John Callaham Dark Souls II
16:52 John Callaham Now everying else is for Xbox One
16:53 John Callaham More developers at Microsoft making games now that at any time in history
16:53 John Callaham First game is...
16:54 John Callaham Ryse
16:54 John Callaham Roman Empire action game from Crytek
16:55 John Callaham Leader of the Roman army is leading his men
16:55 John Callaham Massive third person battle scene
16:55 John Callaham ouch..someone got hit in the eye
16:56 John Callaham big ship is on fire and running aground
16:56 John Callaham some swordplay
16:56 John Callaham lots of blood
16:57 John Callaham Got some God of War buttom gameplay in there
16:57 John Callaham Now there's a big asseult
16:57 John Callaham Arrows are flying
16:58 John Callaham Now we are time jumping
16:58 John Callaham The army is going after a catapult
16:59 John Callaham more sword and shield play
16:59 John Callaham by the way.this is live gameplay.not a video
17:00 John Callaham the catapul has been taken out
17:03 John Callaham and a ton of roman fighters are charging the castle
17:04 John Callaham killer instinct is coming back
17:04 John Callaham Insomica Games is working on a new title for Xbox One
17:05 John Callaham Sunset Overdrive..a open world action game with a cartoony feel
17:06 John Callaham Next is Forza Motorsport 5
17:06 John Callaham and they are bringing out a real car on stage
17:07 John Callaham an orange Mclarn
17:08 John Callaham Now the "drivatar" is competing with a player in the game
17:09 John Callaham the drivatar learns how a player drives in the game, even in tracks where you personally don't drive
17:09 John Callaham the drivatar learns how a player drives in the game, even in tracks where you personally don't drive
17:09 John Callaham looks like a new jump in AI
17:09 John Callaham Trailer comes next
17:10 John Callaham still looks awesome
17:10 John Callaham Phil Harrison is on stage
17:11 John Callaham Now we are being told microsoft supports indie games
17:12 John Callaham looks like we are getting Minecraft for Xbox One
17:12 John Callaham bigger maps, more characters and more
17:13 John Callaham now we are going to see more of Quantum Break from Remedy
17:15 John Callaham merging a game with a live action TV show
17:21 John Callaham apparently someone knows how to stop time in a limited area
17:21 John Callaham Sorry again guys..site is getting hit hard with traffic
17:21 John Callaham Project Spark is a new fantasy game
17:22 John Callaham where the players can shape the world around them
17:22 John Callaham apparently the game is being made for windows 8 as well
17:22 John Callaham basically, Project Spark is a game creation game
17:23 John Callaham you can make Angry Birds games, geometry wars games and more
17:23 John Callaham now we are learning about SmartGlass
17:24 John Callaham Showing how Ryse can be started on an XboxSmart glass device
17:25 John Callaham leaderboard, achivements, gameplay videos and more
17:25 John Callaham now we get to see more of Kille Instinct
17:26 John Callaham the game looks great
17:26 John Callaham and you can record and upload gameplay videos with the nw Upload Studio
17:28 John Callaham Twitch TV will now allow Xbox One games to stream gameplay to the Internet
17:29 John Callaham ditching microsoft points for real money
17:29 John Callaham xbox live gold sharing..lets other share your Xbox live gold account
17:30 John Callaham new game from panzer dragoon
17:30 John Callaham but there's no sound on the traile
17:30 John Callaham which means lots of people are making fun of it
17:30 John Callaham crimson dragon is the game's name
17:31 John Callaham Dead Rising 3 is next
17:32 John Callaham Lots of zombies as usual
17:33 John Callaham big open world with no load time
17:33 John Callaham crafting new weapons on the fly
17:33 John Callaham handy for killing zombies
17:35 John Callaham Shooting the zombie horde
17:35 John Callaham and using a sledgehammer as well
17:36 John Callaham just saw a zombie cut in half with a saw
17:37 John Callaham Xbox SmartGlass can help bring in air support for killing zombies in the game
17:37 John Callaham coming this holiday
17:38 John Callaham Next is The Witcher 3..it will be coming to Xbox One
17:38 John Callaham set in a vast open world
17:38 John Callaham 100 hours of gameplay
17:39 John Callaham optional features for Kinect and Xbox SmartGlass
17:39 John Callaham now some gameplay footage
17:40 John Callaham visuals are stunning
17:41 John Callaham now we are getting another look at Battlefield 4
17:42 John Callaham no sound again
17:42 John Callaham second time this happen in this press conference
17:42 John Callaham good to know that we are not the only ones that are having technical problems :)
17:43 John Callaham Ok they fixed it
17:44 John Callaham close quarters combat....
17:45 John Callaham battle on a wrecked ship
17:46 John Callaham airplanes sliding into the sea
17:47 John Callaham very intense battle scene
17:48 John Callaham now we are in a small boat
17:49 John Callaham the first Battlefield 4 map pack will be made available on Xbox One before any other platform
17:50 John Callaham next is Below
17:50 John Callaham a rogue-like top down action fantasy game
17:51 John Callaham Next is a game set in Hong Kong
17:51 John Callaham looks like a thief game from developer Black Tusk Studios
17:53 John Callaham Halo game :)
17:55 John Callaham The new Halo game will have 60 FPS
17:55 John Callaham coming in 2014
17:55 John Callaham The game is just called Halo..no subtitle..yet
17:56 John Callaham Coming November 2013 for $499 in the US..499 euros and 429 pounds in the UK
17:57 John Callaham Now we are seeing Respawn Entertainment's Titanfall
17:58 John Callaham Mechs against ground troops
17:59 John Callaham looks good
18:01 John Callaham now we are getting some live Titanfall gameplay
18:02 John Callaham Titanfall keeps the Call of Duty gameplay formula but it has a sci-fi setting with large mechs
18:03 John Callaham Now we are inside one of the mechs
18:04 John Callaham and the mech just took out another mech and pulled its pilot out and threw up into the ground
18:05 John Callaham and you can also eject from the mech and hijack another one coming down
18:05 John Callaham and that's all for the press event
18:06 John Callaham all in all the games looked good but we are not sure that $499 price tag is going to make many people happy
18:06 John Callaham thanks for joining up and again sorry about those tech issues..next up is EA
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Forza: play your friends when they're not playing!

So... does this mean I could get a friend to take control of my game to race my friends who don't want to play? Fantastic!

Mikeffer said,

Was it 'per month'?

Xbox Live Gold is also changing, apparently. "Beginning July 1st up through the release of Xbox One, we're gonna be offering two free games per month."

tsupersonic said,
Xbox Live Gold is also changing, apparently. "Beginning July 1st up through the release of Xbox One, we're gonna be offering two free games per month."

Cool, i must have missed the "per month" bit.

I am shocked at how realistic the games look. I previously thought the Xbox and ps3 games looked awesome, but the new generation of games look absolutely photorealistic and life like!

StephenBratz said,
3 seconds in, and they are already showing games. But I thought the Xbox One was not about games, but just TV.

Who said that?

It's about entertainment, be that via media consumption or gaming. Pretty much the same as i expect form the PS4

Or were you actually being sarcastic? lol

The Xbox one has given me the impression that it is built for entertainment first, games second. Sony did this with the ps3 way before microsoft, so the Xbox is a little late to the game.