E3 2013: Ubisoft's E3 press event live blog

It's our third stop on today's E3 2013 press conference day. We have arrived at the Los Angeles Theater in downtown Los Angeles to see what Ubisoft will show us at their E3 press event. It will begin at 3 pm Pacific time (6 pm Eastern time). Stay tuned!

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Neowin Live - This event has concluded

21:54 John Callaham Welcome to this Neowin.net live event. Coverage will begin shortly.
21:55 John Callaham We have now arrived at the Los Angeles Theater after our bus tour of LA
21:57 John Callaham should start soon Alisha Tyler is scheduled to be the host yet again
21:57 John Callaham but we do wish Joel McHale would return
22:01 John Callaham we start up with Jerry Cantrell from Alice in Chains playing a song
22:02 John Callaham not sure what this has to do with Ubisoft but he plays the guitar well
22:02 John Callaham Ok..now we know..he is playing Rocksmith
22:03 John Callaham looks like he is using the Xbox One's Kinect voice commands to go though the menu
22:04 John Callaham rocking the house now..or the theater
22:04 John Callaham Rocksmith 2014 edition
22:04 John Callaham here comes Aishia Tyler on stage
22:05 John Callaham explaining Rocksmith and how the modes help people learn guitar
22:05 John Callaham coming in October
22:07 John Callaham Aisha Tyler says she couldn't sleep last night because she is so excited to host
22:07 John Callaham apparently we are encouraged to send questions on Twitter
22:08 John Callaham Splinter Cell Blacklist
22:08 John Callaham getting a demo
22:09 John Callaham Sam Fisher looks like he needs some sleep
22:10 John Callaham looks like Guam is getting hit by terrorists
22:11 John Callaham Other places in the game include Chicago, Philly and Libya
22:12 John Callaham Looks like a solid continuation of the Splinter Cell series
22:12 John Callaham Rayman is next
22:12 John Callaham Rayman Legends
22:14 John Callaham yep, it's a Rayman game...
22:14 John Callaham full of goofy characters and fun
22:15 John Callaham more Rayman Legends
22:16 John Callaham if you are into platformers this looks like it may be worth a gander
22:17 John Callaham The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is next
22:17 John Callaham Basically you steal gold from others while protectng their own loot
22:18 John Callaham the game has now reached closed beta
22:19 John Callaham apparently the main hero of this game is, well, a bit of a klutz
22:20 John Callaham wow..he's also got a dirty mouth
22:21 John Callaham South Park: The Stick of Truth is next
22:21 John Callaham THQ's former game is back with Ubisoft now publishing it
22:22 John Callaham maybe coming out this holiday
22:22 John Callaham Now its next gen games time
22:23 John Callaham Yves Guillmont, the head of Ubisoft, is a bit shorter than Aisha Tyler
22:24 John Callaham New driving game
22:25 John Callaham looks like Ubisoft's answer to Need For Speed...cars racing to avoid police
22:27 John Callaham the game is called The Crew
22:27 John Callaham due in 2014
22:28 John Callaham more info on The Crew..making it realistic
22:29 John Callaham sharing and competing with friends
22:30 John Callaham now we get a live demo with four players
22:31 John Callaham racing on the streets of New York
22:43 John Callaham Watch Dogs looks good
22:43 John Callaham sorry..Internet problems again
22:44 John Callaham Just Dance 2014
22:44 John Callaham six player dances
22:45 John Callaham you can also alter the songs on the list as a DJ
22:46 John Callaham Rabbids Invasion
22:46 John Callaham a new movie project
22:46 John Callaham actually a TV show
22:49 John Callaham apparently the tv show will have an interactive feature
22:50 John Callaham Microsoft's Xbox One is a major partner in Rabbids Invasion
22:52 John Callaham Assassin's Creed 4 is next
22:52 John Callaham trailer shows the new pirate Assassin
22:53 John Callaham bar fight
22:54 John Callaham now some ship-to-ship action
22:55 John Callaham the new Assassin is taking care of business
22:56 John Callaham wow...there was some kind of teaser at the end of the traler
22:56 John Callaham We are sure someone will figure out what it is
22:58 John Callaham the new Assassn will have a lot of skills
22:59 John Callaham back to another game demo
23:00 John Callaham The trailer looks great.hope the game plays well
23:01 John Callaham Trials Fusion..the next game in the series
23:02 John Callaham cool motorcycle action
23:03 John Callaham Yves is back
23:03 John Callaham asking where the super fans are
23:03 John Callaham one more new surprise
23:04 John Callaham open world RPG from Massive
23:04 John Callaham Looks like a real world thriller
23:05 John Callaham lots of timely themes....money, power, diesese...
23:06 John Callaham and wow...a pandemic is hitting the planet
23:08 John Callaham Game demo shows agents going to Brooklyn
23:08 John Callaham still don't know what's going on yet
23:09 John Callaham is it a new Rainbow Six game?
23:10 John Callaham the player character uses holograms as a UI
23:11 John Callaham firefight outside
23:12 John Callaham getting very intense in Brooklyn
23:13 John Callaham ok firefight is done..going inside a building
23:15 John Callaham They are in a police station.
23:15 John Callaham Tom Clancy's The Division
23:15 John Callaham looks cool
23:16 John Callaham wow..a noise that almost sounded like a gunshot hit the theater
23:16 John Callaham money flying in the theater
23:17 John Callaham ok we are done..now its time for PlayStation 4 goodness
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meh.. Ubisoft has lost a huge base of players with their crappy ports of gaming.

Ghost Recon First Soldier, Rainbow 6 vegas line and so many others.

I lost the love for Ubisoft after the original Ghost Recon in 2000/2001

The Crew looks amazing but Tom Clancy's The Divison... wow. It's about time they made an open world game like that with RPG elements. I'm really looking forward to it.

Stopped caring about The Division after they said only available on Xbox One and PS4. Really enjoyed it too, as it reminded me about a game that I can't remember the name of (think "Soldier" was in the title) that I enjoyed playing and wanted a sequel to.

edit: Remembered the name of the game. It was Freedom Fighters.

Edited by Pupik, Jun 11 2013, 12:02am :

Pupik said,
Stopped caring about The Division after they said only available on Xbox One and PS4. Really enjoyed it too, as it reminded me about a game that I can't remember the name of (think "Soldier" was in the title) that I enjoyed playing and wanted a sequel to.

edit: Remembered the name of the game. It was Freedom Fighters.

The lack of a PC version sucks but for me, it would be one reason to buy the Xbox One or PS4. It would look and run better than my aging gaming PC (Intel Core2Duo E6750, ATI Radeon HD 4870 512 MB).

It's odd that they're not releasing it on PC because the developers, Ubisoft Massive (formerly known as Massive Entertainment), made World in Conflict. And it's a game that would be widely accepted by PC gamers. What kind of PC gamer wouldn't want to play an open-world multiplayer RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world? It's not like they'd make a console port. The next generation of consoles are very much like PCs and this game is being made by a skilled PC development team.

Thanks Ubisoft that was an awesome assortment of games to look forward to in the coming months. I'm glad a stayed up and watched this briefing it was interesting to watch and very entertaining.

Although The highlight of the briefing was Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag. As far as I am concerned the best was left for last... Tom Clancy's The Division stole the show. What an amazing game.

My mouth went dry just watching this. One of the best driving games I have seen in a long time. And yeah it does look ******* wow...

Watching the live briefing now and thank god I have a fast broadband connection, because I'd hate the think how many people are actually watching this on You Tube.

The Crew looks awesome.