E3 2013: We get more info on Forza Motorsport 5

The Forza Motorsport racing simulation series has been a big part of the first two Xbox game consoles. The launch of the upcoming Xbox One console in November will also bring us the latest game in the series from developer Turn 10 Studios, "Forza Motorsport 5."

In a closed-door session during E3 2013, we got some more information about the game, along with a quick hands-off demo of "Forza Motorsport 5." Turn 10 Studios is naturally adding support for more cars for the latest installment, including open wheel racing cars such as the ones on the Formula 1 circuit, for the first time.

In "Forza Motorsport 4" for the Xbox 360, players were able to really get up close and personal with a small number of the game's vehicles in a mode called Autovista. That mode will be expanded in "Forza Motorsport 5" with a new name, Forzavista, and the ability to view all of the hundreds of cars that will be in the game in that mode.

Speaking of the cars, the graphics engine for "Forza Motorsport 5" will allow for the vehicles to have an incredible amount of detail. This was evident after we saw an example of a race where the car had generated accurate imperfections in its paint job after the race was completed.

The biggest new feature in the game is the Drivatar mode. Basically, the more you drive cars in the game, the more that it "learns" how you personally drive. The game then uploads that data to a cloud server to generate your Drivatar, so that when your friends and family play the game, they also can race against your virtual self, or you can compete with the Drivatars of your friends. It's a cool feature, but naturally we will have to play the full game when it comes out to see if it works as Microsoft claims.

There's still a lot that Turn 10 Studios is not revealing about "Forza Motorsport 5," including more details about multiplayer and the game's physics engine. The Turn 10 rep did hint that they have entered into an agreement with a major tire testing company that will help influence how tires are represented in the game. Overall, it sounds like "Forza Motorsport 5" will continue the stellar reputation of the previous games in the series when it launches alongside the Xbox One in November.

Image via Microsoft

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Wow. When I clicked the article, it took me 5 seconds to realise that picture was a render, not real life. We're getting there folks!!

They need to release a good quality steering wheel setup that works on the 360, XBO, and Windows. I'd buy such an accessory.

Yeah, me 2. Still wonder why they haven't made the gamepad like this, even with the 2 different buttons. A universal improved gamepad for Xbox 360/One and PC would have been great. But apparently they use different Wi-Fi protocols so it will not work.

For a simulation racing game, nothing about their physics or anything why it might be better then GT6?
Besides letting the game drive for you. Which seems to be improved with the driveatar.

If GT5 was anything to go by they could re-release 4 with an updated graphics engine and IMO it would still wipe the floor. GT 5 was a massive let down IMO and I don't expect them to make a big enough step to over take Forza when it comes to this style of game.

I think the Driveatar feature is going to be pretty cool. Learning about how you drive so your friends can still race "you" even if you're offline is genius.... or slightly scary, whichever way you look at it

ctrl_alt_delete said,
I'll be able to talk even more smack now ahaha.

That'd be scary if the avatar started talking back to you, in my voice! OMG, Microsoft are trying to clone and replace me with an electronic copy!

TCLN Ryster said,

That'd be scary if the avatar started talking back to you, in my voice! OMG, Microsoft are trying to clone and replace me with an electronic copy!

Haha nah, just going to talking smack to people who lost to my avatar. Lol.