EA blames a 'system error' that charged $5 for demos

Xbox One gamers across the globe are discovering that EA game demos are hit with a $4.99 pricetag, even if they were previously free. FIFA 14, which was released last year, and EA Sports UFC, which was made available last month, both feature the charge for the normally free downloads. 

EA admits that the charge was due to an "error in the system" and has said that the games have been restored to free of charge. Various sources have confirmed that the paid demos were available in the USA, UK, and Australia.

An Australian EA representative told Polygon that the issue was due to a 'system error' within EA and  affected the Xbox Live market. It may be worth noting that the employee stated that if the error occurred on the PlayStation 4 store, it has also been resolved.

FIFA has proven to be hugely popular among gamers, in particular with the Xbox One, where the franchise and Microsoft partnered up to bundle the game with preordered consoles last year. Although technical errors are not uncommon, it's a bit of a surprise to see gaming giant EA suffering from such issues.

Source: Polygon | Image via Microsoft

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I was on a gaming board on another site and the best thing was, nobody was surprised EA were charging for a Demo.

EA knew what they were doing. They put it out there to see if they could get people to bite. I bet if there was less of uproar it would still be there as a paid demos.

I bet this comes back in the future, maybe round the time BF5 as I would not put anything past them :<

Ah yes, just like Microsoft forgot to present a browser choice to users for over a year. Gotta love that system error...

Because of all the ###### EA has done in the past, i wont believe anything they ever do is in error. They are money grabbing twunts.

Customers are only responsible for increasing the profits of these companies.
It's obvious many people like EA's products because their profits kept growing. Where from? Customers. No one is holding a gun to your head to buy their games. You have a choice. You don't get to say that EA are money-grabbing twats.

LightEco said,
Ya, because mistakes never, ever happen. Its all a big conspiracy.

You've not known EA for very long... have you?

I guess offering games through origin in eastern europe and central asia with NO option to install it in english and assuming that every single person knows russian is also a system error.

spy beef said,
It's probably a social experiment like Facebook to see how many people would buy it.

This! Expect these rats to sell demos in the near future...