eBay Revamps Feedback System

After 11 years, eBay made the first significant change to its feedback system with the announcement of Feedback 2.0. In addition to the standard positive, neutral and negative ratings, Feedback 2.0 will also provide four additional categories (Item as described, Communication, Shipping time and Shipping and Handling charges) which buyers can individually rate sellers on, out of 5 stars, called Detailed Seller Ratings (DSRs). According to eBay, the DSRs do not affect a seller's overall feedback score, but are there for reference. "We expect buyers to purchase from sellers who have high stars on the dimensions most important to them," said Brian Burke, Senior Manager, Global Policy Management for eBay. Other changes include the addition of the item title and selling price under each feedback entry on a seller's feedback page. Previously, only the feedback comment along with the feedback rating and item number were included. eBay plans to roll out Feedback 2.0 in Australia, Belgium, France, India, Ireland, Italy, Poland and the United Kingdom within the next few days. Feedback 2.0 will be launched in the United States this spring.

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In addition to what was mentioned already, I strongly believe that eBay members should have a buyer profile that is completely separate from his seller profile. Because buying and selling activities are quite different creatures, the feedback from each should be tracked independently. This would also enable a buyer to leave feedback safely as he sees fit without affecting his seller reputation.

Ebay is a other world once you start to sell stuff. You are a fool if you think a seller should give feedback 1st. I never do that dumb stuff, why? Cause buyers DO NOT READ. I have sold to over 400 people on eBay and I can tell you that over 70% of all items I sold, the buyer only looked at the item title and the photo. People act like eBay is Wal-mart and you can return and or get a refund for any reason. Regardless of how a transaction goes you can leave a positive, neutral or negative.

I got a negative because the item was lost in the mail and you HAVE to wait 21 days before you can file a claim with the post office. Now what did I do wrong?

I got a negative because the mp3 player I sold the buyer did not work in Windows 98.

Now what did I do wrong?

That is a good point, as a seller I usually leave positive feedback once I ship the item and it was fully paid for, but lately I'm seeing a trend where feedback is not left for me by the buyer, also I hated it when Sellers always left it up too me to leave feedback first, this is a double edge sword scenerio, if I were to leave a seller negative feedback or neutral the seller in turn can do the same for me, even though I most likely read the auction thoroughly before bidding and pay for it almost instantly after it ends since I only snipe auctions or buy it now.

I had one issue where a seller sold me a different model of an item I purchased, I contacted him etc.. he said return item he provided me with a shipping label, once it was verified in the mail, he sent me a repalcement which was the exact same model of the first piece and not what was listed on the Auction , I left him negative feedback for ripping me off, he then leaves neg feedback saying I'm the scammer.

Eventually everything got resolved and we "mutally" withdrew the negative feedback, since he was a power seller and couldn't afford any more negative feedback.

"Cause buyers DO NOT READ. I have sold to over 400 people on eBay and I can tell you that over 70% of all items I sold, the buyer only looked at the item title and the photo." ... even though i never had a issue like this i think im going to agree with you since most of the public is dumb or dont througly read stuff... me personally, i always read the details (basically shipping costs and item description etc) this way i KNOW what everything is so theres no screwing around.

"People act like eBay is Wal-mart and you can return and or get a refund for any reason. Regardless of how a transaction goes you can leave a positive, neutral or negative." .... what a damn shame, but the sad thing is i believe you lol

"I got a negative because the mp3 player I sold the buyer did not work in Windows 98." ... this is 100percent the buyers fault here as "THEY" should have checked this stuff before buying it! (especially if you listed system requirements on the page, then it's definitely there fault) ... so in other words i agree with you here to.

"I had one issue where a seller sold me a different model of an item I purchased, I contacted him etc.. he said return item he provided me with a shipping label, once it was verified in the mail, he sent me a repalcement which was the exact same model of the first piece and not what was listed on the Auction , I left him negative feedback for ripping me off, he then leaves neg feedback saying I'm the scammer." ..... people like this should not even be allowed to use ebay! (in other words i agree with you) ... especially if there knowingly shafting people which it sounds like this guy was.


after these comments this is more of a reason to avoid ebay in general .... thanks for the tips lol

another reason i generally dont use ebay is cause by the time the auction ends on a good percentage of items.... you would just be better off going to the local store and just straight up buying it eliminating the hassle of using ebay to being with (generally speaking about electronics etc) ... cause for me to use ebay over a regular online store for electronic stuff like pc related stuff etc im going to have to get a pretty good deal OUT THE DOOR PRICE... otherwise i would rather just goto a standard online website and buy it straight up from a well known place.... cause if a item costs like 40 dollars brand new in the local store etc and on ebay it costs like 30-35 (out the door) i would probably just goto the local store to get that particular item... only way i would probably use ebay if a item was 40 in a local store... i would probably have to get it for 25tops out the door price to use ebay.... otherwise it just aint worth the risk of using ebay if you ask me.

this is also a reason why selling stuff can be good on ebay at times cause you got alot of dumb people (so they pay more than usual for the item) lol... so from a sellers standpoint that can be a good thing but it can also be a bad thing cause usually the stupid people are the ones your going to run into trouble with since there to stupid to read details etc of the action ... so i guess it's a 50/50 sorta thing ... me personally i never sell stuff though i just buy stuff and i only have about 5-6 feedback with 100percent rating... 3 of those users are no longer registered ebay users though now.

Your feedback is your reputation, your standing in the community. Most people think feedback is a definitive source of 100% accurate and honest statements, eBay encourages you to engage in transactions with sellers/buyers with reputable feedback and a higher rating. The problem is that the feedback system is neither controled nor moderated. eBay does not get involved in anyway to ascertain the facts or mediate. They should do more to protect both buyer and seller.

They are a monopoly, they gouge the market with those ridiculous and absurd surcharges that are always going up. They offer no real customer service and this new 2.0 system is a joke. We need real solutions to the ongoing problem of feedback retaliation, feedback extortion, feedback intimidation, etc. eBay "discourages" these practices but it's their policy not to take action. They are absolutely horrible.

i would have to say that your pretty much right there.

although i do think atleast the 2.0 system is a "little" better even though it's far from perfect, as your idea would be MUCH better

I had someone leave me a comment when I was a member.

I purchased 3 items and of course the postage was cheaper.

They sent me a message saying they want more postage, they refused to send the items and I won my case.

I put as neutral on feedback explaining why I was not happy, nothing nasty just the facts.

The idot then gave me -ve feedback and left nasty comments.

Could I get it removed, NO NO NO NO.

Thats what they have to sort out.

I purchased and sold 52 items had no -ve feedback apart from that moron.

Can't be bothered with eBay anymore.

It needs major reworking. I rarely sell on eBay, in 2006 I sold three items and before that it was 2003. I shipped on time, as described, I charged $16 for shipping when the actual cost was $14.71 and everything was solid. The buyer paid me for the item, but after she got it the next day, someone had the same item for cheaper buy it now. She requested a refund of the difference, I of course politely said I was unable to do so and that's the risk of eBay. Sometimes you will find something cheaper or more expensive. Needless to say, she left me a negative "Seller overcharged me 4 item, price gouger! Rude." This was incorrect information, and eBay can't do a thing. I've been on eBay since January 1999, over 400 100% perfect feedbacks and now I am RUINED!!

Sorry to sound so dramatic, this all just happened last week and I am still very upset. I had a perfect record for 8 years and now some rude person just ruined my records. Very upset. However out of retaliation, I did leave her a negative - and thank goodness I never left upon getting payment. People like her make you worried.

Anyway it's just a shame. Sorry for ranting, but I feel better having done so lol.

damn! i 100percent agree with you on your statement if that makes you feel any better ... cant u leave a comment to her comment to you saying that? ... if u can im sure people will understand what went on.

cause your 100percent right... "it is the risk of using ebay" ... it aint like it's a retail store!... plus she actually "bid" on the damn item so she obviously was willing to pay that price... if she was not then obviously she would have not bid it.

cause what you charged her is perfectly reasonable especially on shipping ;)

dont let it bother you to much though as with your rep ... 1 negative aint going to hurt you "THAT MUCH"

Thank you ThaCrip. I did leave her a negative out of retaliation (unfortunately). I did reply to her feedback and explain as best I could within those few characters my position on the matter. I'm still soured that after eight years, my record is tarnished. On the brighter side, I feel kinda liberated about it. Now I don't have to be so uptight, so paranoid and so willing to placate people just to avoid a neg. Not that I want more, but since it's not perfect anymore, I feel more relaxed about getting a second. Going forward, I won't tolerate late shipments, shipping overcharging, rude buyers/sellers. Out of my 400, around 20 earned a neg but for fear of retaliation, I just didnt chance it. Now when they've earned a neg, I will leave. So I guess it's a good thing too. However still not happy but what can you do? lol

It was more of the principal that any idiot could come ruin your perfect record in an instant. I'm kinda over it now though, that above post I did was probably what I needed to get it out and then move on from it. Thanks for hearing me out!

your right it's like we cant really do jack about it... although atleast theres some good that came out of this ;)

and i figure if you could explain pretty much what you said in your first post on ebay (like you said you tried to do) im sure most people will be able to see what happened and realize she is at fault ... but then again they dont let you type much lol... so i guess most people probably cant get the full story cause of that.

atleast from now on your going to give a honest opinion about someone when buying/selling on ebay.

p.s. like i said before i dont use ebay often myself but when i did i so far had 0 problems.... all the people i bought stuff from where generally pretty friendly and communicated well etc.

have a good one

you can reply to her feedback and negotiate for her to withdraw it, which will restore your reputation

P.S. as a big ebay buyer, 99% and 100% feedback doesnt make much of a difference to me so dont worry too much. There are always people that stupidly leave negative feedback.

IF I was buying from you now I'd look and see that negative and as soon as it said "overcharged" I'd shrug and buy the item. I mean hell those kinds of comments are quite dumb as its not like you force people to pay what they do on ebay. Im only concerned about negatives if its for items not arriving, arriving broken or whatever. If someone feels they payed too much what do I care eh.

In any event your in a position to have both of your negatives revoked if your willing to approach her.

About time! There feedback system has needed a serious rework.

There have been a few occasions that have warranted me (as a buyer) to leave negative feedback for a seller. I did that once and the seller came back and threatened me. They said they would hate to ruin my 100% positive feedback score just because I gave them a negative. I withdrew my comment very reluctantly. Sellers should never have this power. Feedback means almost nothing when the seller can bully a good buyer into giving him good feedback.

I don't know how to rework their feedback system but it needs adjustments badly. This appears to be a step in the right direction.

what you should have did was said screw them... if u honestly felt they deserved the negative feedback... i would have left negative feedback and when they threatened to leave negative for you i would have told them to go for it.... and when they did leave bad feedback i would have left a comment as to why they where wrong... as im sure most "smart" buyers will easily tell your not lying and be able to distinguish who's telling the truth ... cause if you payed em promptly within say about 12 hours of end of auction (me personally i pay right after auction ends through paypal) using paypal and they came back and left negative feedback for you even though u did this i would clearly state it in the reply to your feedback .... cause to me if someone has a great rep and only a few negatives i generally dont worry about the negatives especially if they seem like the negatives where nitpicking etc.

i never left negative feedback for someone before as i dont use ebay that often but out of the times i have everything went perfect pretty much.

me personally though i would not leave negative feedback for someone unless they really deserved it... like if item's description was quite a bit off from what it was supposed to be or they screwed around and took a while to ship the item's or did not respond to my messages for quite a while etc.

thats an awesome idea! im so sick of seeing a few negative feedbacks in someone who has 30,000 feedback, trying to find that negative, and it's usually for something so dumb like, shipping was late.

good addition eBay!

Well hopefully it'll be retroactive, otherwise those high ratings will remain as semi-useless as they are. A nice few people have high rating and sell counterfeit items.

edit: Just saw the screenshot, I'm going to LOVE the shipping and handling charges part, especially when I say get an item and see the actual cost of shipping on the item being 5 times less than what the seller actually charged, this might turn the tides on Ebay a little.

i totally agree with you on shipping and handling charges part! ... cause alot of the times people make that SKY HIGH to guarantee they make out big time... those people that do this im going to leave a very low feedback for shipping prices.

cause alot of items i see pretty much make it so it aint worth buying cause of this.... if someone makes a "fair" price for shipping and handling ill give them great praise.

cause the bottom line is most item's on there that aint super huge/weight alot should never be over 20 dollars TOPS (probably closer to 10-15 dollars) for a item's shipping and handling charges.... and for real light items maybe 5 dollars tops.... cause i could understand a "small" profit from shipping just to make sure they dont short themselfs when shipping a item out... but anything ridiculous in profit from shipping is getting low marks from me.

What about people like me who have to catch a £4.50 bus to get to my nearest post office to do special delivery for people. The box to put stuff in could be another £1 and bubble wrapped for piece of mind for £0.50. Thats a genuine £11 postage charge for an item that is fragile weighing over 100 grams! (and less than 500g)

It's easy enough to customize your display in eBay to show the shipping charges for items, although I do wish that those would be included when sorting by price. Too many people get away with charging 99 cents for an item but charging $20 for shipping. Technically that is against eBay regulations (it's fee circumvention), but it's really hard to get eBay to actually do anything about sellers who do this on a regular basis.

Or a system where the feedback is not shown until both have left feedback for each other or the feedback period has run out.

Express said,
They must introduce a system where seller have leave feedback first before buyer can leave feedback.
No, if that were the case, then the seller could control their feedback. They could just not ship the item and never leave feedback for the buyer.

The sellers should be required to leave feedback immediately after the auction has closed and they have been paid. I, as a buyer, NEVER leave positive feedback if the seller doesn't first leave me feedback. If there is something that warrants Negative feedback, nothing preempts it.

XeonBuilder said,
Exactly what i was thinking. I always leave feedback and there are plenty of times that the seller or buyer just doesn't give a rats ass about leaving feedback for you. It would be great if you could leave feedback and have it show up only when both parties have left feedback.

i would have to agree with this comment... as i always had feedback left for me although im sure it happens like you say it does from time to time where people just dont care once they got all "they" need :(

although it's nice they have extra stuff on ebay now reguardless