Elder Scrolls MMO Rumours Gather Pace

Rumours of an Elder Scrolls MMO have taken a fresh turn following the licensing of MMO tech HeroEngine by Bethesda sister company ZeniMax Online Studios. ZeniMax Online has been set up to focus purely on development in the massively multilayer online arena. HeroEngine has also been licensed by BioWare for its still top secret MMO, which rumours have said is set in the world of KOTOR.

What's HeroEngine? Creator SimuTronics explains, "HeroEngine is an MMO development team's dream come true - it streamlines the entire process of building your MMO game. Artists, world builders, scripters, game designers, producers, and customer service can all collaborate live, online, in real-time. Create and update your game faster, with more time to focus on the fun rather than waiting for code to crunch. Build the game and play it at the same time to see instant results."

Bethesda of course still has yet to confirm any MMO games, but recently the company's registration of elderscrollsonline.com kicked off loads of speculation.

News source: ComputerandVideogames.com

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What are you people talking about? Oblivion was practically an MMO minus the multiplayer to begin with: all the quest lines were isolated from each other, as well as all quests outside the major quest lines. It's how they managed to pull off the whole 'sandbox' deal. And nearly every quest was fight&fetch (aside from some clever but still linear dark brotherhood quests) anyway. Geography was really what kept everything 'tied' together, not consequence.

Likewise, the npc's can't think for themselves. It's not like they'll see a crowd of hero's and think "only one of these must be a real hero". Theirs absolutely no technical limitation to having all the npc's treat you like the one true hero, regardless of how many other players there are. And it'd break immersion no more than any other MMO.

And as for this living world business... twelve... maybe fifteen npc's doesn't exactly equate to a thriving city to me. Upwards of 30 heroes wandering around would seem kind of strange too though.

Agree, besides the drop dead great graphics the feeling of a "living world" where you can do anything made the elder scrolls great. The games center on "you" as being the center of attention.

An mmo with the oblivion graphics engine is just a "pretty" mmo that will lose most why elderscrolls series been very cool.

Exactly...If I wanted to play an MMO again I would go back to playing WoW...

Oblivion with morons spamming smack talk in open chat does not sound enjoyable to me.

I really don't understand why people would want this. The Elder Scrolls style gameplay simply doesn't translate to the MMO world. It's impossible to take a highly interactive, meaningful, single hero who saves the world story and expand it to 5,000 players. The entire dynamic of the game would have to change and what you'd end up with would be a WoW type quest grind in an Elder Scrolls skin.

HeroEngine's description makes it sound like it's a programming hobbyist tool to make basic games with a small team of volunteers. I'm worried about about what's going to happen to the creative process of MMO gameplay creation. It's bad enough that they're all trying to copy WoW, hopefully this thing is not a step into more MMOs that feel like clones of each other. Of course I can't tell since there's no way for me of knowing what it actually is.