Engineers construct 220 million pixel computer display

Engineers at the University of California, San Diego have constructed the highest-resolution computer display in the world – with a screen resolution up to 220 million pixels. The system located at the UCSD division of the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology (Calit2) is also linked via optical fiber to Calit2's building at UC Irvine, which boasts the previous record holder. The combination – known as the Highly Interactive Parallelized Display Space (HIPerSpace) – can deliver real-time rendered graphics simultaneously across 420 million pixels to audiences in Irvine and San Diego.

"We don't intend to stop there," said Falko Kuester, Calit2 professor for visualization and virtual reality and associate professor of structural engineering in UCSD's Jacobs School of Engineering. "HIPerSpace provides a unique environment for visual analytics and cyberinfrastructure research and we are now seeking funding to double the size of the system at UC San Diego alone to reach half a billion pixels with a one gigapixel distributed display in sight."

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hmmm, assuming 32 bit color depth, would it be right to say 880 million bytes just for the frame buffer? Also, if a 30" requires dual link, and is 2560x1600 (~4 MP), then 220/4=55 times the bandwidth of dual link (assuming 2560x1600 is the max res for dual link).

Imagine if it was a single large display running on 1 video card. Someday...

Now if they can get COD4 running at 60fps, then I'd crap my pants (at native res obviously)

Old? The Quadro FX 5600 is only a few months old. Nvidia's site gives March 7th as the announcment date.

I don't want a f**king 220 million pixel lcd, I want it dirt cheap heard that DIRT CHEAP (ofcourse high quality thoug).

How big is this in comparison to a theatre screen (not counting pixels, counting by sheer size)
Just saw it, man that's not big at all =/

A classic example of someone seeing a word and then creating an incorrect "acronym" (as it is misspelled) to fit: what's so "Highly Interactive" about this display that my 24" Dell doesn't have? Or, what's "Highly Interactive" about anything that you simply look at?

(waits for it to change to "Highly Impressive Paralellized[sic] Display Space" )

it's just a bunch of normal lcd monitors side by side and on top of each other mounted to a wall. Saw it on TV. It would be handy for the application but it's not like it's a 40 inch screen with that many pixels or anything

220 Mpx = 18,762 x 11,726 (16:10). Eye resolution is something like 8000x8000 (different for colour and grey scale) so in theory you will not be able to tell the difference.