EU says games are good for children

A European Union report on Wednesday concluded that video games can in fact be good for children, and also said that there was no definitive link between violence in video games and violent behaviour.

"Video games can stimulate learning of facts and skills such as strategic thinking, creativity, cooperation and innovative thinking, which are important skills in the information society," the report said.

According to Reuters, the report did say that some violent video games could "stimulate" violent behaviour in specific situations. It also noted that while not all games are appropriate for children, some books and movies are aimed at older audiences as well.

The study, by the European Parliament Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection, urged the bloc's 27 member states to work together on strengthening the Pan European Game Information, or "PEGI", game content rating system.

Although the report did not elaborate, it suggested that video games should also have a "red button" that would allow parents to disable inappropriate games, stressing how important parental supervision is. According to the BBC, more than half of European children are left unsupervised when using computers.

Toine Manders, a Dutch liberal lawmaker who drafted the report, said, "Videogames are in most cases not dangerous and can even contribute to the development of important skills."

The report also stated that not only children play video games, with the average age of a European gamer being 33.

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Playing games (computer/console/whatever) is imho massively better than passively watching TV. At least playing games is an interactive procedure that stimulates at least a bit of brain activity (depending on the game). TV on the other hand does nothing but vegetize (if there's such a word :P)

On the other hand though I defo don't want my future kid to be in front of a computer all day playing games instead of playing outside or doing some sort of physical activity. But when it comes to indoors, games > TV anytime.

You're right, video games for the most part stimulate more parts of the brain due to their interactivity. Unfortunately the extra stimulation from video games like Halo 3, which are emotionally engaging, cause your brain to change from what a normal brain should be.

Ever felt irrationally angry? Lonely? Frustrated for no reason? Almost everyone I know that plays video games a lot is a very easily upset person, and every one of them is in denial of it. All the anger and frustration from video games changes the chemicals in your brain to be more geared towards these emotions. Your brain can't tell the difference between fake game anger and real life anger.

Video games are fake, but the emotions involved while playing them are quite real, and they do change who you are.

Eis, what you say, only speaks about that you seem to know some very sick people.

if the people you know goes that way because of videogames, time to look for a shrink urgent.

video games, violent, non violent, strategic, puzzle, whatever, make me amuse and have fun, not get angry, frustrated or lonely


I've studied the brain for nearly 6 years now, and I've gone through almost 3 internships with professionals in my field. I think my experience goes beyond the one and only person you seem to think you know so well, yourself.

Of course, you say that you are an absolute fine person, yet when you speak you don't sound fine at all. When confronted with an opinion that differs from your own, you don't even argue. You actually get emotionally involved and practically yell and beg me to take your side of the argument. Not only that, but you've somehow managed to come to the conclusion, based of 2 or 3 internet posts, that I am deranged in some way for not wanting my children and the children of others to kill someone on the TV.

I don't get it.

hahaha, you are one case man!

i dont want people like you in my side and i didnt say you were deranged, you said that

who gets killed in the tv? no one! its a game!

see, thats what im talking about, you dont differ from fantasy to reallity, plain and simple.

movies are much more REALISTIC than videogames, and you can see some serious mature themes in movies, but i dont see no one bitching about it.

by the way , you are mistaken about me, and you dont know all the people in the world that plays video games to make statements like that, neither know me, neither you have experimented with everyone, if you had cases of mentally ill people , well, sorry for them.

i dont know you but from what i can see you are one more from the ignorants in the society that believe they hold the truth because of some university degree.

beg? oh my, lmao

think any way you want, i hope your kids get it right

how many times science has lied just to get profit from something even if people has to die, get over with, video games dont do no more harm than being alive in this world full of **** that we live.

for talking **** about video games , search for a thread like "video games are bad" this is "video games are good"

have a nice day

Movies are more realistic than games. Though true, movies are not something that you make conscious decisions about. When someone gets shot in a movie you could not do anything to stop it, nor will you ever be able to. Make sense? If it's not interactive it doesn't stimulate the same parts of the brain, so realistic has almost zero relevance to the point I'm trying to make.

Also, you're pretty much the exact type of person that I've studied. I'm not spouting out bull****, I'm telling you proven facts. Clinical trials and tests are what we base scientific breakthroughs off of, and if you somehow believe the results are some tinfoil conspiracy than you should reevaluate where you get your information from. Except you won't, will you?

More assumptions and generalizations? I thought we talked about this. If you really want someone to understand your point of view, and I'm assuming you do because you keep talking to me, then you should try using facts. Not concrete facts, just something that doesn't sound like it was wrote by a grounded teenager.

I'd love to jump the fence and see if the grass is greener on the other side, but you're going to have to help me out here, bud. If you want to try to convince me that violent video games don't cause emotional problems later on in life, try not convincing me of my own point just by talking.

Yea, so that later EU can put a lawsuit against a gaming company becoz of monopoly! EU knows how to fill in its money!

What are you guys ranting about?

The title is "games are good for children", not "over 18 mature games are good for children". I totally agree, games are one of the best personal and get together with friends experiences around. Complete stress releaver, and just fun for me at times.

Most mediums have scales of rating, content suitable for children, and content suitable for adults.

games are good for kids, games are bad for kids, games are good for kids, violence in teens blamed on video games. It seems like every day someone is flipflopping on this, and it seems they only seem to say games are good when it benefits soon as someone does something stupid because of their retard parents though, then games are evil again.

The answer is pretty simple. What would YOU rather put in your child's hands?

GTA, Soldier of Fotune, Crysis?


Civilization, SimCity, Myst?

Yes, we had violent games back in my day. Here:

So much for "violence" and "realism." Compare that to this:

or this:

Part of the problem is this insistence on "realism", along with the gratuitous violence. Kids don't need this particular kind of "realism" in their games. It can very easily blur the lines with the "realism" outside. No, pulling little Jimmy of the swingset and then beating his head in with a rock is not OK.

These games exist for mature adults - it's "escapism" for you and me. But our entertainments are way too accessible by kids. This isn't a porn collection you find at 10 years old. This is serious stuff. But because we (apparently) like these entertainments and insist on having them, our children suffer. I'm perfectly happy to give up and never see garbage like GTA and the like if it means that we raise a generation of children that aren't brain dead and completely desensitized to everything by the time they reach college-age.

I don't see why you're hating on GTA, there are plenty of skills which you will develop in completing that game, one example is learning to orientate with your surroundings. Another is figuring out how to complete the various missions. It may not seem hard to you at the time, but you are using your brain to figure them out. I would assume the same is true for many other "violent" video games.

Also I played Doom and Doom 2 from before I was 10 and GTA games from about 12. And I've never committed any crimes, I went to uni and got a degree. Violent video games had no negative effects whatsoever on my development. The reason for this: I knew there was a difference between real life and what I was doing on computers. Unless I am an exception, you would have to be an extremely ignorant kid and have plenty of problems before you even went near a violent computer game for there to be any problems afterwards.

Would you mind providing some evidence that violent computer games are/were responsible for 'a generation of children that [are] brain dead and completely desensitized to everything by the time they reach college-age'? I probably would give up games like GTA as well if we got a generation of people that did not commit crimes or cause society problems, but the truth is computer games have very little to do with the cause of those things - they have been going on for centuries, millennia or even eons before even the most rudimentary mechanical computer was even dreamed of.

Most kids are very smart and will know that there is a difference between computer game life and real life. And btw the reason I knew that the actions carried out on a computer game are not acceptable in real life wasn't because my parents told me; I figured it out for myself - it never even crossed my mind that I should commit those or similar actions in real life.

P.S. Civilization, SimCity and Myst, most kids would find pretty boring, they probably won't bother with them half as much as they would GTA. And the video here: I found funny, not inspiration for something to keep me entertained when out in the real world.

No offense but you can't defend GTA as having worthwhile learning qualities while not realizing that the word is orient, not orientate.

Besides, my point wasn't to defend GTA, at least not entirely my point. And that's one (minor/understandable) spelling/grammatical error in how many words?

Davo, do you know where the bonnet on your car is? Do you know what a Lorry driver is? What about suspenders, I bet you are thinking of something entirely different than I am? Orientate is a word in UK English, just because it is not in US English, does not mean it is not correct.

duneworld, totally agreed man! 100 percent, you are right.

anyone saying the other way like LTD i see them as ignorant as a kid that cant distinguish from games to reality.

i played carmaggedon, gta and sooooo many violent video games in my childhood, and im no thief, murderer or rapist today, if your kid is developing the problems you describe, then the problem is YOU for not educating him right.

yeah right, society problems are video games! (sarcasm)

heck, even in civilization you kill people! in myst people died, and atrus sons were murderers!

RaMiRo, glad to see I'm not the only enlightened man around here. In fact there is the argument that games like GTA allow kids to release stress, tension and anger that they otherwise wouldn't know how to deal with. Aside from the fact that it is a kick-ass game.

I just spent about 10 hours this weekend watching my friends play it, and the only thing they do is run around killing everything they see and racing cars.

The game is disgusting to watch or play, and no matter how much you stick your finger in your ears and yell "LALALALA" you know you ****ing hear me.

You can't kill massive amounts of people in a video game and then say it has "no" effect on you whatsoever. It's ridiculous. Am I saying video games are the cause of violence? No, I'm not. But I am saying that there is no way in hell this game does anything good for the world or the people in it. To even say you believe otherwise is a sign of sheer ignorance.

I didn't say it had *no* effect on me whatsoever. And I'm not necessarily arguing that it has a positive effect, I just don't believe that it necessarily has a negative affect. It all depends on the person playing it, some people probably would be become deranged after playing it, but the deeper cause of it probably won't be the computer game.
It's only disgusting to play or watch if you choose to believe that the characters in the game represent real people, but I don't see why you would do that because no matter how good the graphics are, they don't come anywhere near to what your eyes see when they look at real people.
Here's some free advice your you Eis, if the game disgusts you so much, why don't you do something other than watch your friends play it and dwell on it by making posts fighting against it. Because you arent going to convince anyone who is a fan of it that you are correct. Also I know I don't take any unnecessary interest in the things which I find disgusting and I'm am a very well rounded individual; believe me or not, it's true.

So, you want me to stop arguing against a thing I'm against because you believe everybody not against this thing I'm against is so not against it that their opinion of it can and never will change to be against it?

Except people do change their mind about certain things, and even if I just get one more parent to realize that "hey, maybe letting my kids kill people all day isn't good for them!", then I've done what I set out to do.

Though I understand--I have an opinion that differs from your own, so why not logically conclude my side isn't worth arguing over?

Coward. Make points not assumptions and generalizations.

Eis, then dont let your kids read comic magazines, watch movies, go out on the street, do nothing!

you are so ignorant about reality and the society problems.

Because I assumed playing violent video games is bad for the mind (do some research, please, for the love of God, it's been proven over and over again), you think I somehow want to shelter my kids from everything bad, and I'm completely unaware of societies problems?

Damn that's stupid. That's just straight-up stupid.

you do some research please, how many things thar are "proven" are totally lies?

i rather have my kid playing gta with me than going out with some jerks like your friends that get "mad, lonely or frustratedplaying", sorry no offense, but if your friends are like that you are in the wrong place.

or maybe they dont have what it takes to do the game quest rather than racing cars and killing people.

Mate, you can argue all you want against it, it doesnt matter to me either way - I was just trying to give you some advice which you might find useful to help improve your life. And I never said that your opinion wasn't valid. And I think someone with a rational mind who read my post properly would have seen both of those things.
Here's another piece of free advice, if you want people to engage with you and take your opinions seriously on an online discussion forum, don't throw around insults. Because I am not ignorant, and I don't remember making any assumptions and have made plenty of points on this discussion, maybe not as many as you, but that is entirely down to the respective volume of posts we have both made.

I didn't know Captain Obvious went under the initials 'EU'.

Sierra On-Line figured this out in the 80's and their children's games won critical acclaim. The company's goal then was to get kids off the TV and onto the computer where they would exercise their minds. They hit their goal with astounding success.

The EU (for the first time in history?) is right, games can be great for children. And kids. And teens. And adults. So long as the material is appropriate. Crap like GTA and Doom clones don't help kids much. But when I was a kid we even had games on the Apple //e's at school. Games like Number Munchers and Oregon Trail. They never got old.

Let's also remember that no game can substitute a child's imagination so, as LTD mentioned, whatever happened to playing outside?

EU says games are good for children

You must understand that the concept of "good" for a government is a passive citizen that pay their taxes.

I partially agree. As long as the kids aren't losing a social life. I agree with LTD, they should be reading and playing outside too. As long as the parents moderate all three activities, I see no problem with it.

Kreuger said,
I partially agree. As long as the kids aren't losing a social life. I agree with LTD, they should be reading and playing outside too. As long as the parents moderate all three activities, I see no problem with it.
Yeh, same... except this next generation of kids are going to grow up retarded because none of them will know how to spell anything at all due to all of their txt'ing and crap.

Then theres people that spell stuff wrong to match their accents or something... (source facebook)
"LMAO, no must we mi di fight fo dat 1st" -i have no idea what this even means.

Honestly, i would like to see these people right a paper report. No, not in word or anything, because EVERYTHING has automatic spellchecking now that fixes your mistakes so you dont even know you're misspelling stuff....

darkpuma, you have about 20 grammatical mistakes in your post. Not to mention you used "right" instead of "write".