European Central Bank website hacked; personal info stolen

It looks like nothing is truly secure online these days, a lesson the European Central Bank has just learned the hard way. The ECB website has been hacked and personal information has been stolen, but this is not as bad as you might think.

According to the BBC, the website for the European Central Bank has been hacked over the weekend, although the bank only learned about it on Monday when contacted by an 'anonymous hacker'. It looks like a hacker has penetrated a database that contained personal information – mainly e-mail addresses and some phone numbers – of people registered on the ECB website. Those affected are the ones that had registered for different ECB events and conferences.

The good news here is that this only pertains to the ECB website and relates to events participants. There hasn’t been any breach of sensitive market data, and no internal banking systems were compromised.

It looks like the anonymous hacker contacted the bank with a ransom demand for the information stolen but there’s no word on whether or how the ECB responded. German police is currently investigating the case.

Source: BBC | European Flags image via Shutterstock

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Good. Let the but the ECB on their knees. What a bunch of hypocrites. I tried to take out a car lease for €8000 from my bank, I was turned down just because 5 years ago I had a little trouble paying back my €200 credit card (due to losing my work), 2 months delay and then paid off full with interest and now my bank tells me that it might take another 5 years thanks to European central bank regulations. What a joke, EU is more bankrupt than I am and they make the rules for me?

Bow down to your European overlords. The EU Defence Force is inbound. You know, people who live in areas the EU has developed to tell you you're wrong and how the EU is awesome.