Eve Online Source Code Leaked

Full source code for the client for popular MMORPG Eve Online was made available recently via BitTorrent on The Pirate Bay. Along with the torrent, the user posts a chat transcript with a representative identified as [IA]Morpheus from Eve's developer and publisher CCP. In the lengthy and scatological exchange, the poster of the source code attempts to get some answers about CCP's much maligned security practices, particularly concerning the rife issue of bots and scripting in their flagship game. The conversation was a little less than professional.

Buzz on forums surrounding the incident report that in reaction CCP is strictly censoring its online forum from references related to the code leak. In addition, reports are being posted that CCP is seeding most of the torrent themselves, then using the IP addresses of those who download the client's source code to ban Eve Online accounts.

No public recognition of this source code leak has yet been offered from CCP.

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The full entire source code of one of the most complex games today was just "LEAKED"?

It will have much more use then a bunch of players trying to cheat ingame.
To developers it is a breakthrough!

(cardg said @ #1)
It will have much more use then a bunch of players trying to cheat ingame.
To developers it is a breakthrough!

And to what developers would those be? I'm not sure if you noticed but most developers (and players) do not want a game with the complication of EVE. If you think EVE has some great secrets that other devs can't duplicate i'd love to know what they are. Most developers looking to steal or figure out code typically target successes in the industry and sorry to say but while EVE is a great and complex game it doesn't come near the dollar value of the EQ/WoW's of the world

(Justin Nielsen said @ #3.1)
You could, but nothing can be altered in the client that would mess up the servers.

It's funny, thats the same line most people say until it happens. client side issues causing server issues/crashes has happened with pretty much every MMO that I am aware of. Client side flaws/exploits can definitely mess up the server side It may not allow you to do specific cheats, but it can definitely cause issues for the servers and cause unintended side effects if people decide to mod and use custom clients

Not nearly as good as the World of Warcraft emulators. It's pretty much useless, unless you're interested in writing hacks/cheats.

CPP can easily turn this 'not nice situation' into overall gain

each who find & fix bug in leaked code get's rewarded
- low importance bug = year free sub + public credit thanks for finding/fixing
- med importance bug = 2 years free sub + public credit thanks for finding/fixing
- hi/critical(security) importance bug = lifetime free sub + public credit thanks for finding/fixing

it's all about corp flexibility and hopefully CCP still got some PR geniuses on board

btw. if source out what about get some native nix client ?

I tried to play Eve once. I was traveling to some place but before I got there I started to ZZZzzzZzz. The crap is overly complicated and boring.

Let me guess...you have a short attention span?

I tried the 14 day trial and picked it up in about a week. It takes some time, but once you have it figured out, it's a lot of fun especially when you are attached to a corp.

(Xilo said @ #7)
I tried to play Eve once. I was traveling to some place but before I got there I started to ZZZzzzZzz. The crap is overly complicated and boring.

Eve online has been lovingly described as the worlds best Screensaver.

I don't know why but EVE is incredibly boring to me. I've tried the 14-day trial on three separate occasions and it still never clicked. I don't have anything against MMOs and I'm a huge sci-fi fan. It should add up to a great EVE experience, but it doesn't.

Anyway, I wonder how this was leaked. A disgruntled employee perhaps? It's not like the average joe has access to code from a very complex online game.

Back before EA bought and destroyed Earth and Beyond that was an awsome MMORPG.

Back then I used to describe EnB vs EvE as:

Austin Powers vs James Bond

EvE has a huge learning curve and is more realistic. Unless things changed your fears are oteher races or pirate groups not aliens of weird design. There is also an almost unlimited amount of space which is why unlike many other MMORPG's they have an auto pilot built in. Beatiful space scapes and you can learn skills while logged out thought the last level could take a couple weeks.

Fun imo but sometimes too much work which is why I stuck woth EnB and when it closed went with WoW which I was a beta tester for.

Ouch that's just bad. I don't know think it's right to ban the IP Addresses.

Because what if the IP Addresses are dynamic, some innocent guy could get banned for what he didn't even do ;).

If it's just decompiled python code this wasn't too bad. Enjoyed eve in the past may come back to it some day. Hello IRON/Synergy|Eve How's life?

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