Neowin Exclusive: Messenger Plus! Live 2009 contest

Patchou has announced his 2009 Messenger Plus! Live contest with no less than 1,000 prize packages up for grabs. The contest does not require any form of entry, only for users to simply click on an image made up from millions of pixels, selecting the winning pixels that contain prizes. The contest is similar to that of the 6th anniversary contest two years ago.

Beginning at Sunday July 12 at 00:01 (GMT -5) the contest will open to everybody. Anyone with Messenger Plus! Live (4.82.368) installed can play the contest. Users will see a gold Messenger Plus! Live logo on the top of their Windows Live Messenger contact list that looks like this: . Once you click on the icon, users will be prompted with a board game window where they can simply click and reveal what is behind each pixel.

Each contestant is eligible to win up to 10 prize packages each of their own choice, selected from Evolution Store with the users choice of figures and high-end collectibles. Each prize package has a randomly assigned value between $20 to $1,500, giving the users a choice of what they want.

Messenger Plus! Live is an add-on for Windows Live Messenger, allowing users to customize their messenger experience from skinnable chat windows and contact list, tabbed conversations, custom colour formatting in messages, custom scripts, boss protection lock, customized events and many more.

The contest does require Windows Live Messenger and Messenger Plus! Live to be installed in order to enter the competition.

Patchou has put together a video to kick start the competition!

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You guys won't believe me but i'll say it anyway:
I was just about to go to bed (2am here) and then i saw a funny gold icon, and i thought 'hey why not?' and clicked it. Up came a pop-up about a prize, and I thought sure why not, i clicked, sorry you didn't get a prize, i clicked again, same pop-up, then i thought hell there's only 14 prizes left in a ~700x~700pixel image, i have a 14 in ~49,000 shot in getting a prize, last one (of course i was lying to myself, i love taking chances and was probably going to go again) and i got a prize :D

Bad thing is i forgot to take a screenie for proof, long story short, it prompts to claim ~value of prize, try for a diff prize, or stop, i chose to claim. A pop up then comes up that asks what your primary, alternative, and last alternative prize is, then it asks for your details to ship to. 4thish click, i think i clicked somewhere around... astro-boy and superman. Only a $20 prize though... damn

I played for a while then thought to myself "I've been doing this for an hour and I'll probably only win some sh1**y $20 prize. I don't even like figurines that much. F*** it."

To those playing: don't give up too soon, some of the winners from last night won after less than 10 clicks on the game. Some win so quickly that they don't even bother to fill the winning form with real information, meaning the prize goes back in the game :-).

update msn plus. I don't know why, but this time I didn't get the notification that a new version was out. Only here I discovered I have an older version of MSN plus installed.

2Cold Scorpio said,
Completely optional; always has been. Simply uncheck the option for it during installation. :)

Exactly! I don't see why people don't use it because it contains OPTIONAL adware. And it's not even adware now, it's simply setting your browser to the homepage.

my messenger seems borked right now and wont sign me in although trillian seems fine... hopefully I can get messenger working again in time for this awesome looking contest!

Have you tried rebooting?

Some simple tricks that usually work is change your password, than change it back. Sign into the web based messenger (Via hotmail only now).

Make sure you enable multiple instances, or if it is enabled already, try disabling it. See if it kicks you off trillian. Or close trillian and attempt to login to WLM.

Hope some of these tips help

This sounds pretty cool! I've been using Messenger Plus! since well before v2.0 came out a long time ago. Great little app that adds some nice things to Messenger.

Andrew Lyle said,
I use to use Plus! v1, it only had 10 shortcut keys to it.. but damn was it useful. The current Plus! is smply amazing

Yeah, I came in on v1.x (I forget which version exactly it was buti t was one of the earliest ones). Extremely handy back then and is still so today.