Exclusive Ninja Gaiden 2 Screens And Video

Developed exclusively for Xbox 360 by Team Ninja, Ninja Gaiden 2 is on our most wanted list for next year... if it makes it (and hopefully it will). To help you through the cold winter nights here's a batch of exclusive shots and video for the game to help you understand why we're so excited - and it's not just because we get off on the sight of limbs flinging with abandon into the sky. The sequel has you murdering rival ninjas in real-world environments including settings in Tokyo, Venice and Times Square in New York, though Dagenham Market is yet to be confirmed.

The fighting system has been enhanced with improved enemy AI and new moves. Enemies can perform co-operative attacks, while Ryu will get a new Obliteration technique - a series of fatal blows delivered if you hit Y immediately after removing an enemy limb. The Xbox original is still one of our favourite action games and we've got high hopes the follow-up will be able to pack a mighty punch when it arrives in late 2008. You can find more on Ninja Gaiden 2 over at the game page.

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I for one hope the blood stays or it gets bloodier. This will be the one game that gets me to buy a 360. I got only few months to save up for the hd tv and 360.

I literally beat everything in the first Xbox NG, and I've been waiting (mostly patiently...) for the sequel. The blood does look over the top sometimes, but I don't care. I want this game.

Okay, looking at the screenshots it looks really excessive but if you watch the video it isn't bad. I agree, however, the funniest thing ever is after your blood thirsty romp... Ryu flicks the blood off of the blades. HILARIOUS! LAOLZOLXXXXROLFMAO.

PS. I found the first game to be hard, but not too hard and I'm definitely not your hardcore Ninja Gaiden player. Okay, maybe I'm a hardcore gamer though. :'(

They always flicked the blood off of their swords after, the blood would ruin the blade and trash it. Back then it was all about keeping it brand new even after you've killed a few hundred guys.

watch the video, the blood isnt as bad. the animation for it is really quick it seems. True there is a lot, but it seems to be geared toward what ninja gaiden is already geared toward: hardcore gamers. A casual gamer wont be able to play ninja gaiden as good as someone who plays it all the time. Its a game of mastery, and i for one suck at the first one lol. I like what i see from this.

Exactly, Ninja Gaiden isn't for casual gamers and it's more than testing for some of the better gamers. Can't wait to get my hands on it.

I agree, it isn't your typical hack and slash game. Really takes some skill.

I remember throwing controllers around with Ninja Gaiden one. Really ****ed me off from time to time. Some parts where just so hard. XD

What the hell's so gory about that? It's like red dust clouds or something.

At any rate, not much more than the original Ninja Gaiden.

I'm still not sure whether I should get this game. I liked/loved the first one. But then again, I got that one for free. Not really convinced to BUY this game yet. Don't know if it'll be worth my money.

Can't say it doesn't look awesome though. But then again, the first Ninja Gaiden already looked great. :P

i am sure that when the game comes out there is going to be a way that you can either eliminate the gore or at least just turn it down.

after seeing the slideshow i was going to say "the average teenager"

but after seeing the video, i must admit that is a lot of blood; even for the latest generation of gamers :ponder:

i'd like it to be turned down just a little bit. save all the gory stuff for the crazy super moves of death, otherwise it just gets old and pointless

Zoue said,
The gore is just entirely excessive and overindulgent. Who's the target audience here?

me apparently