Exclusive: Windows XP Starter Edition Revealed

Thanks to Olcay for the heads up

Microsoft is currently planning a new edition to the Windows XP family of operating systems, namely "Starter Edition". Starter Edition is the name of a previously announced effort to deliver a tailored and localized Windows product to Thailand and Malaysia, as part of Microsofts efforts to enable access to technology.

Previous rumours suggested that Windows XP Starter Edition would include a set of applications on top of the standard Windows XP installation (including Office 2003). We cannot confirm these reports but are awaiting a statement from Microsoft Press.

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News source: In-House

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There have been talks about a cheap+affordable version of Windows XP and Office here in Thailand for a while, I guess this is what they have finally come to..that is calling it 'Starters Edition'. So my guess would also be that they might package the Office suit along with it, since they were in the talks of having a cheap version of it, but never had any confirmation.

However, I believe that the entire deal here is not about 'enabling access to technology,' but rather 'increasing awareness/encouraging access to legal software.' Since illegal software is available openly in Malaysia and Thailand, and legal software is literally non-existant to a lot of people here.