Exploit code targets Microsoft flaw

A security researcher has posted code for an exploit targeting a component of Microsoft Office. The vulnerability lies in a conversion tool used to convert Microsoft Works WPS files into Word RTF files The flaw could allow an attacker to remotely execute code on a user's system. Microsoft repaired the vulnerability as part of its monthly security release on 12 February. When the update was released Microsoft credited discovery of the flaw to iDefense, which in turn credited security researcher Damian Put.

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Sweet Jesus, Daniel, can you for once post an article that's more than 2 paragraphs, relevant, worthwhile and actually has SOURCES for it?

They still usually have sources, just been doing a bit differently lately for some articles at least. For example, with this article, instead of listing the source at the bottom of the post, theres this above it: "Posted by Daniel Fleshbourne via vnunet 8 hours ago". The link to vnunet is the source and has a bit more substance.

This article is written poorly, it's very short and doesn't provide background info. Looks like a copy paste from a PDF...