Facebook Lite available now for users in the U.S. and India

A while ago, it was discovered that Facebook, the popular social networking site, had started testing out a new version of its service dubbed 'Facebook Lite'. At the time, it was unclear as to when the choice to have the Lite version would become publicly available, though as public testing was already underway, it was expected that it wouldn't be long. Today, according to TechCrunch, it seems the site has suddenly gone live for both the United States and India.

What exactly is so appealing about a stripped-down version of Facebook? For many, it's the prospect of having a cleaner timeline; one that's riddled with endless quizzes and games can be frustrating for those who aren't interested in that aspect of it. Of course, it's not for everybody, but it's certainly great that users are given the option now. If you haven't already seen what it looks like, check out the link at the beginning of this article.

The project was originally meant to be for areas where high speed Internet connections are rare, though many users in other regions showed their interest in it, thus leading Facebook to make the decision to have the service available everywhere. The company posted a public statement on the matter just earlier, reading, "We decided to roll out Facebook Lite in the U.S. to give users a simple, expedient alternative to facebook.com, and hope that it will fill this need. While the majority of our user base is outside the United States, we're always working to enhance the new user experience even in markets where facebook.com is easily accessible. We have also found that people who are new to Facebook tend to be most interested in a simpler experience, focus on establishing their network of friends and communicating with them by writing on their walls, sending messages, and looking at pictures. We have introduced the Lite site with these new users in mind."

If you're in the United States or India, you can visit the new lite.facebook.com URL to try it out.

Update: If you're not in the U.S. or India, have a try at getting on Facebook Lite anyway. A few people have said that they can get access in areas like Singapore, and I've personally been able to use it in New Zealand without any trouble. If it works for you now, please say so in the comments.

If you are a Facebook user feel free to visit us on Facebook on our Neowin page.

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It's based on the language you have set in your account settings. Set your language to "English (US)", and it should work. They must not have worked out all the translations yet.

Its like GMAIL for Slow Connection compared to Ajax one.

Much of the links and applications are removed in lite version. But it is fast.

Hopefully I can use it soon. I'm really tired of scrolling through endless quizzes and worthless games.

Worked fine as soon as I changed language from English(UK) to English(US). The users in India are already on English(US). Basically it is just rolled out for English(US) as of now.

Only worked for me in UK once i changed my language from English(UK) to English (US)

Also happened to notice the upside down English option WTF haha

Working here for me in the UK too.

Not had to alter any Language settings - and also checked: they were set at English(UK)

I acutally like facebook more than facebook lite. You loose some of the nice GUI with the light version and don't notice much proformance diffrance even with power saving options on.

india has nothing to do with facebook lite. you just have to set english language to able to get into lite version.

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