Facebook shows off Paper, a Flipboard competitor

A couple of weeks ago, we reported that Facebook was readying a new service for launch. Dubbed Paper, this would be a competitor to Flipboard and other news reading apps and today the company has unveiled the new service.

Facebook just announced their new app, Paper. The app is launching on the iPhone and it will be available on February the 3rd, as long as you live in the US. Paper allows users to view news alongside their Facebook feed, in a more beautiful and intuitive layout.

The app will look familiar to any Flipboard user, as it shows news stories and Facebook posts with an emphasis on images and easily read text. Paper also features auto-playing video content but one has to wonder how long it will take before those videos become auto-playing video ads.

Besides your friends’ ramblings, you’ll also receive news from a variety of sources combining “emerging voices and well-known publications”. The app is obviously designed for fluid touch input and will also feature a sort of news panorama when you tilt your phone, for easier navigation.

Finally, Paper will also allow users to share their own news and stories. It will even give you a preview version so you know exactly what your article will look like when other people view it.

If you like the sound of this and want to find out more you can check out the Paper tour by clicking here.

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I had to get it by changing my iTunes info to the US
But on the plus side, it looks and works great, and now I FINALLY got iTunes Radio!

Yay, not only US only but locked to iOS too. When (if ever) it's released outside US and on rival platforms (namely Android in my case) I might give it a look then.

Cyborg_X said,
I'm sure Apple will be suing them shortly as theirs obviously came first.

I think you got confused with Apple Pages (which is the competitor to MS Word)
On the other hand, when I read the news, I indeed got very confused with the Paper app that I already purchased from FiftyThree (which is a spin off from the dead MS Courier project).

Honestly, I don't care how good the Facebook Paper app gets, because I rarely use Facebook.. maybe sign in once a week. That's about it. Don't give a crap about what my friends are doing with their life.

I guess it's better for the longevity of Facebook if they expand their business. However, I'd prefer if they did something besides a glorified RSS reader with built in status updates.