Facebook users will soon be able to update Twitter

Facebook has told its developers that support for posting to Twitter will soon be given to all its users. While no release date is set as of yet, the feature is expected to launch "soon". Currently, only page administrators can post to Twitter, leaving regular users tweetless.

The BBC reports that in a document sent out to developers, the company outlined its plans to extend the support. The move is seen by some as a development on the "subscribe" feature introduced recently, where members can subscribe to a users' public updates. Before, a user had to add the poster as a friend, and it was only until they accepted that they showed up on their news feed.

On the other hand, Twitter recently made similar changes that lets making Facebook updates from Twitter far easier. Although it is unclear how the reverse will work, as Facebook updates have a far larger character limit, third-party solutions have circumvented Twitter's character limit by providing an external link to the rest of the update.

At the moment, neither Facebook nor Twitter provide support for Google+ updates. Although the network is in early days, some expect the site to blossom into a serious competitor in the ever-growing social networking market. Both Facebook and Twitter provide support for third-party applications, however, so any extension out to Google+ is potential.

Although plans haven't been officially announced, the company is expected to reveal the feature at the F8 conference on September 22nd.

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It makes more sense to update twitter and have that update Facebook.
I'm starting to enjoy Twitter more and more compared with Facebook after the continuous crappy changes they make.

About time. Twitter -> Facebook via the Twitter app has been there for ages. If Facebook *can* do this, I wonder why they haven't. This would let people remain on Facebook longer without going to tweet their stuff, which should be relevant to Facebook's interests.

jasonon said,
hmm seems like this would take greatly from twitter's site visits

True. But they still get the status update which is part of what they are after because that makes twitter more attractive to use for other people. If I were twitter, I would rather have a relayed status update than no status update at all.

So this could mean less revenue for Twitter, since people wouldn't need to come to Twitter to post an update.

Opposite may also be true, but far more people use Facebook, and for a far longer time.