Facebook video calling hidden in Messenger iOS app

Facebook video chat, powered by Skype, has been available for Facebook users since last summer. Up until now, initiating a video chat was mostly limited to computers via the Facebook site. But users of Facebook's iOS Messenger app (no, not that horrifically buggy and slow Facebook app) may not be aware that the code to initiate a video chat is already in the app. It's just hidden somewhere.

The leaked image above comes from Techit, the same source who supplied a leaked copy of the Facebook desktop messenger late last year, when it was still in a private beta. The video chat capabilities will be reportedly made available to all users in the coming months, as it continues through an ongoing private beta.

In related news, frequent users of Facebook Chat on iPads will no longer require a third party chatting app or the site itself. The Messenger app will be a Universal app very soon, with an appropriately-sized Messenger... and not much else. It's essentially the same iPhone/iPod touch-sized app blown up.

In the meantime, users can continue exchanging Skype IDs for chatting across devices. And to Facebook, let's hope they do something about their appalling mobile app before they improve on Messenger.

Thanks to Techit for the tip and images!

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mikeyx12 said,
They took the image from Techit...

...who took it from 9to5Mac without correctly linking to them. As far as I'm aware, neither Seth Weintraub or Mark Gurman write for Techit.

Uhg, IM sucks in general on iPad. All the apps basically look exactly like that: terrible use of the screen real estate. IM doesn't need to be full screen, and it really shouldn't be. It would be really nifty if IMs could be completely done (read in their entirety, and replied to) all from within the notifications area. Beejive IM, Messages, and Facebook messenger could all be handled in the same way.

Denis W said,
For a second I thought you guys were referring to something in the article.

We were. We were totally laughing at you and mocking your links