Facebook: We still support Windows Messenger; glitch removed download link

A couple of days ago, we reported that the download link to the Facebook Windows desktop Messenger app had been removed from the company's Messenger page. We emailed Facebook's PR rep to get more information on this development as it looked like the company decided to remove its support and download page for the Windows Messenger client.

Today, Facebook got back in touch with us, with a company representative telling Neowin that an error had been made on their end that made it appear as if they had stopped supporting the Messenger client. The rep told us, "... we do still support Windows Messenger. There was a small glitch with the webpage and the link should be back up in the next day or so."

That should be good news for Facebook users on Windows who have enjoyed the use of the stand alone Messenger app for close to two years now. Since its release, it has not been updated much and is still a bare bones client with no support for voice or video chat.  We have emailed Facebook to see if there are plans to update the Messenger app when it is made available for download again.

Image via Facebook

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Okay, first of all I had forgotten about this piece of software! LOLZ
In all seriousness though, I had never heard of it being called Windows Messenger. Déjà vu!

It's called Messenger, but Windows is also a name of software so it's also capitalised so in a sentence it looks like Windows Messenger.

Probably should have been worded:

"Facebook: We still support Windows version of Messenger"

Kristiyan Bogdanov said,
Actually does anyone see the videochat/call option on facebook on the desktop website?
I think it's gone for a few days or weeks now... Does anyone even use it?

Yes I use it, but I don't use videochat on it, though.

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