Fan's reimagined Apple logo becomes viral hit

There have been a ton of tributes, remembrances and praise for Apple's founder Steve Jobs over the past 24 hours. But none of them have had quite the impact than the tribute that a 19 year old Hong Kong student created for Jobs, who passed away on Wednesday at the age of 56. Reuters reports that Jonathan Mak's redesign of the Apple logo to incorporate the silhouette of Jobs has now become a viral hit on the Internet.

Mak actually created the logo design last August, when Jobs announced he was departing Apple as its CEO. But after Apple announced that Jobs had died on Wednesday the design was picked up by Internet web sites and became a way for people to display their feelings for the loss of Jobs. Mak said, "Originally, I was going to put a black modified logo against a white background. It just didn't feel somber enough. I just wanted it to be a very quiet commemoration. It's just this quiet realization that Apple is now missing a piece. It's just kind of implying his absence."

Mak's design has generated so much interest that some people are now selling caps and t-shirts with his reimagined logo on eBay. Mak said he is "both excited and terrified" about the attention his work has generated. He even said that he has received some kind of job offer today after the logo went viral. So far Apple has not commented on Mak's redesign of its logo.

Image via Apple/Jonathan Mak

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