Fedora to dump the 'Core'

In a mailing to the Fedora development listing, Red Hat's Bill Nottingham has announced that effective the next release there will be no Fedora Core. The distribution will be known only as Fedora.

"Starting with Fedora 7, there is no more Core, and no more Extras; there is only Fedora. One single repository, built in the community on open source tools, assembled into whatever spins the Fedora community desires," Nottingham wrote.

The mailing also listed the planned development cycle for Fedora 7 and outlined 28 new features for the next release. Among them, the separation of the distro into different "spins" (similar to Ubuntu) -- Fedora Desktop, Fedora Server and Fedora KDE.

Undoubtedly this is a major shift in the development of Fedora. The first beta is due for release on January 30th, with a final release scheduled for April 26th.

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I can see point in seperating server version out, but not KDE. I agree with selection of desktops and components at install also.

I think the reason for this is that there are people who would like to see a lot more KDE support in Fedora. It is probably more difficult to make one distro that caters to all wishes than several spins where dedicated people can focus on the things they want (while still keeping 95% of the basic system the same, just making a different flavor of an existing system instead of an entirely new distro).

So some group of people will start working towards KDEifying the Fedora desktop and if it turns out that there is not enough interest the project will probably die off while having no effect whatsoever on any of the other spins. If you want to keep it all integrated you better make sure you got the people to maintain it (or go through the trouble of actually removing support).

Anyway, whatever they decide I applaud any move for better support for KDE in Fedora (because currently it kinda sucks).

I believe what you're saying about them copying Ubuntu... That's a shame.

I use Fedora Core 6 as my primary desktop right now. Let me just say, it is HOT!

But we call it 'Fedora' anyway, so the change actually makes sense to me. Doesn't seem that major.

I don't really see the need for the different distros, but oh well...

Wow, fedora is trying to be ubuntu. I guess the message is out now.

Good thing, or bad thing?

IMHO, bad thing. I don't like homogenization. People running around copying each other is just not good in my eyes.

Successful changes tend to start slow. Then before you know it, you're sitting in a pot of water on the stove and boiling to death. TO DEATH!!!! :eek:


Imho, I do not see point of branching distros. Common, all three branches will use the same packages so why do not they leave the way it is now: user' can specify during installation the type of installation desired: Sever/Workstation/Home Desktop
KDE/Gnome/Xfce etc...

See my remark above: choosing to install KDE is _not_ the same as having a KDE-based desktop. All Fedora-specific stuff is Gnome based and as a KDE-user I'd rather have KDE-based alternatives for most of them.

I imagine it will just be like Ubuntu vs Kubuntu where the packages are all the same as well and you can just install packages from one "spin" in the other, the only difference being which packages get installed by default.

Of course, if they can do this on Fedora with the current system of selecting the desktop during installation that is okay by me as well (just to make it clear: that would not only mean installing KDE, but also replace all Fedora-gnome apps with Fedora-kde apps and if possible change the Gnome-based Firefox for a KDE-based one)

I do realize that Fedora specific GUI applications (system-config-* crap) are GTK based, but I also think it is much simpler to have QT builds (yeah a lot will need to be rewritten anyway) but i do not see the reason of creating separate branches just because of that. I persanally try to avoid using those applications anyway. In my expirience they are unstable so they do require development for improvmenets in anycase.

The KDE version would be optimized/customized for KDE, same with the Gnome version. Again, the way they do with Ubuntu and Kubuntu. Yeah, you can run any desktop you like, but how many home users are going to know how to do that, and why is everyone making such a big thing over it? Is having a bigger choice a bad thing now?

K/X/Flux/Ubuntu has always seemed superfluous to me.

I use Fedora. I installed Fluxbox. No need to have a separate (looking) FluxDora version.

@Soleen & markjensen:

if you think just selecting KDE during installation is enough you are wrong, all RedHat/Fedora specific apps are written for Gnome and therefore don't integrate nicely with KDE.

Personally I would love a KDEified Fedora, even more so if we could get apps like Firefox ported over to KDE as well, because things like the file dialogs in Gnome are a disaster IMHO.