Firefox OS adds lots of new features with 1.1 release

The first smartphones with Mozilla's Firefox OS started going on sale earlier this year and today Mozilla announced it is rolling out the first major update for its HTML5-based mobile operating system, adding many new features and lots of improvements.

Mozilla went over just some of what it claims are "hundreds of new improvements" in the new Firefox OS 1.1 release in a blog post. One is a change to its adaptive app search feature, which places the search box front and center on the home screen for the first time. Version 1.1 also adds features that can be found in other smartphone operating systems, such as MMS support, auto correction for typing on the keyboard, saving email drafts offline and many more.

In a separate blog post, Mozilla said that more devices with Firefox OS installed will go on sale in other countries later in 2013, including Hungary, Serbia and Montenegro. Yotam Ben-Ami, the Director of Open Web Devices at Telefónica, is quoted in the blog that sales of Firefox OS smartphones in Spain, Colombia and Venezuela "have surpassed our expectations". He added that Firefox OS devices will go on sale in Brazil and other Latin American markets later this year.

Source: Mozilla | Image via Mozilla

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Looks to me like any other cheap android device out there. Nothing that differentiates it from stock android phones.

vhaakmat said,
Looks to me like any other cheap android device out there. Nothing that differentiates it from stock android phones.

*Every* app is built using HTML, CSS and Javascript using open and APIs that are standardised (or are proposed for standardisation) by the W3C.

This isn't Android or anything like Android.

While I believe it's healthy to have diversity, I don't think Firefox OS is "it".
In the end is a firmware based of Linux Kernel with a modified GUI (based of HTML5 I suppose). And if it's as heavy as the browser... meh.
It's very similar to ChromeOS in terms of idea. A browse working as a base and "plugins" working as "apps", or am I wrong?

Mortis said,
No, you are wrong. FirefoxOS is written from scratch and doesn't have anything in common with Firefox.

That's not true - they share a common code-base. It's all powered by Gecko and the Spidermonkey Javascript engine.

Gonk (the low-level platform that sits on top of the Linux kernel) is just another target for Gecko.

margrave said,
I had no idea that ANY phones were using this yet!

ZTE Open. Not sure if there are more. That is a very budget phone though, which hasn't impressed reviewers much. But Firefox OS is on the other hand an OS aimed for budget markets.

I didn't even know FFOS was released. I haven't even heard of any phones that supposedly use it. And I frequent tech sites and forums. Updates are good, but damn they need better marketing.

spacer said,
Updates are good, but damn they need better marketing.

They're not marketing the phones towards the usual smartphone markets. They're targeting countries with low smartphone penetration - Brazil, India etc.

You wouldn't, its primary target is the developing world isn't it? it was never intended for developed markets as you have plenty of other choices (which are out of reach for most developing countries).