First original shows coming to Xbox One, Xbox 360 in early 2014

Microsoft has announced that its first original shows to the Xbox One and Xbox 360 will, if everything goes according to plan, debut at some point in early 2014.

"I'm incredibly ambitious and impatient," said Nancy Tellem, president of entertainment and digital for Microsoft. "We're hoping we will be able to put something up in the first quarter, at minimum second quarter."

Tellem landed the job of leading the efforts to creating original programming for Xbox in 2012, so it's actually somewhat impressive that shows are almost ready for consumption considering the timeline. One of those shows happens to be revolving around the popular game series "Halo" with none other than Steven Spielberg directing the project.

Original programming for Xbox is another clear step on Microsoft's part to dominate the living room. Plus, with some content like the Halo series revolving around the games themselves already available on Xbox, it looks like shows could successfully appeal to both gamers and television enthusiasts alike. There's plenty of potential audience members with over 48 million Xbox Live subscribers. (Yes, you'll have to be subscribed to Xbox Live to view these upcoming shows — did you expect anything different?)

"Technology and the transition that was taking place was incredibly interesting to me. It’s very exciting for me to be in this position right now and see how the business model evolves and how content evolves," Tellem added.

Source: Variety

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Cool, I always assumed this was a X1 exclusive initiative. Didn't once think the X360 would even be considered. While I won't be getting a X1 just yet, happy to know can check some of this stuff out on my X360 in the meantime. Kudos MS *thumbs up*

I would love to see, a lot of video game based tv shows.

Final Fantasy tv show (based off FF7 or 10)
Gears of War
Halo (which is happening)
Jade Empire
Mass Effect (oh how I wish)

Even BEG Nintendo (I know this won't happen, but it can dream) to allow a Zelda and Metroid (Mother Brain of course) show. Find Peter Jackson and allow him to do Zelda.
Let Nintendo keep 70% of the revenue for that matter...

I say look back at some the better games (with deep stories to them) and go for it...

It would be interesting, but is that the plan? I thought this was just going to be original content, but not necessarily gaming based content.

Geezy said,
It would be interesting, but is that the plan? I thought this was just going to be original content, but not necessarily gaming based content.

The above is what I would want mixed in with the original content.
Other than Halo, Microsoft isn't going with my plan... :-(

Oh well If they're smart though they could use it to gauge interest and/or promote games... A Crackdown miniseries could bring back interest in the title, or a Fable one to tie two,games together between releases.

I want a Ryse series. The short clips they did in live action leading up to release were excellent and in the same quality as Rome, Game of Thrones, Vikings. I want a weekly 30 min show that is the same quality as those pre release clips.

Mr. Hand said,
Yea, that's what I was going to say. He's listed as an executive producer so many not have much of anything to do with the creative side.

He'll lay down the details, ok the scripts and find the director. It's not like he's doing nothing.

Mr. Hand said,
A producer does that but not necessarily an executive producer. He might be listed only because it's his production company.

Exactly. There simply isn't enough time in the day for all the jobs he has for him to be integrally involved in each project...

Geezy said,
Wait, you have to pay extra on top of the Live Gold fee?
I was talking about xblg. As someone who doesn't do multiplayer on my 360, it's just another fee.

it will be interesting to see if MS rewards Halo gamers with imortalization on the TV Show if they win a tournament by havingmtheir gamer tag or Spartan show up in the show. I could see this working for a number of games with TV tie ins.

Once they get enough content like this, they wont have to work around the cable companies to offer customers access to tv-like content.

I also wonder if MS will start to offer this content as a free bonus to XBL Gold subscribers, while anyone outside of that can buy the shows like you would on any other service. That could be a nice perk for Gold to those that use it for more than gaming.

From what I could gather from their initial announcement, it is a perk for XBL members. Then again, it could change by the time the first series is released.