First Xbox Live movie, Pulp, debuts today

Independent film makers have always had a hard time when it comes to distributing their work and most of them usually let the movie go straight to DVD or, more recently, release them on the web directly. However the makers of Pulp, a low-budget British comedy are trying something totally different. They are releasing their movie on Xbox Live and subscribers can actually see the movie right now on their TVs.

Pulp’s co-director Adam Hamdy says:

Microsoft might not seem like the obvious partner for an indie comedy, but the film industry has changed. Xbox 360 can instantly distribute Pulp to millions of UK customers, and publicize the release in ways that simply aren't possible traditionally.

It's very interesting to see this approach especially as Microsoft themselves are working hard to transform the Xbox from a games console to an all around media entertainment device with all kinds of services like Netflix and Hulu plugging in. Whatever the outcome of this particular effort you can be sure Microsoft will pursue this path in the future and try to bring new original content to its network.

Source: BetaNews

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Exactly lingwo, thats exactly what i took from the film. At least it's not like all the other danny dyer gangster stuff thats being made in this country - its a bit different. And it's actually relaly funny (unlike the trailer).

Sounds more like Microsoft were the only ones who would distribute it.
Still, it will probably make more money than Danny Dyer's latest classic.

Guys, I actually saw this movie at a film festival in london and it's great. the trailerss for it seem to be horrible tho so whoever put them together should be fired lol. Give it a chance - i think it could be a bit of a cult movie.