Flash 9 for Linux Released!

The title says it all. About a year since Flash 9 was released for Windows and Mac, Linux desktop users can finally... use MySpace... well, there's lots of benefits in Flash 9. Even if you don't care for MySpace or YouTube or virtually any decent video site these days, a version of Flash hasn't been released for Linux since 7.0 and most would argue the last "stable" version was probably Flash 6. Go get it!

Download: Flash 9
News source: Penguin.SWF

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I've been away for a couple of months and just upgraded to the last beta. I had a lot of sites not recognizing the correct flash version and saying I need to update to Flash 8 or 9. Also still have problems using this with multiple tabs in Konqueror, when I switch to a different tab and then back sometimes the movie stops, particularly at YouTube. I'll have to grab this version as so on as I get home.

That's great but whats the update since the last beta? Is everything pretty solid? I've had a lot of videos crash lately.

Transparency still doesn't work. I wonder if it is a browser issue. I would look at the source to see what I could do, but it's stinky proprietary.

Awesome news! Took them long enough! I don't care for MySpace (infact I hate it) but I do you use YouTube so all the same, this is very welcome!

Cheers mattisking for the heads up!