Florida Spammer Fined $11 Billion

A US District court has ordered a Florida man accused of sending large volumes of spam to pay fines of $11.2 billion to a small Iowa-based ISP.  CIS Internet Services in a lawsuit filed two years ago alleged that James McCalla sent out 280 million spam emails with return addresses pointing to CIS domains.

As part of the judgment, McCalla is not permitted to use the internet for three years in addition to being fined a nominal sum of money for every email he allegedly sent.  CIS owner Robert W. Kramer praised the ruling, calling it "a victory" for email users and ISPs alike.  Despite the size of the award, Kramer is doubtful he'll receive any money.

News source: Techworld.com

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While I agree that spammers should be discouraged from their activities, throwing around frivolous fines and penalties like this are laughable and should be discouraged as well. I mean, what's the point in giving the guy a penalty sum so outrageous that he'll never be able to pay it. Come up with something, but an 11 billion dollar penalty? That's just silly and irresponsible IMHO.