Focus Flash and Focus S coming to AT&T on Nov. 6

As promised earlier this fall, AT&T has announced via its Facebook page today that it will begin selling two new Windows Phone 7.5 based smartphones from Samsung on November 6. The budget conscious can check out the Samsung Focus Flash for $49.99 while the more feature rich Focus S will be sold for $199.99 (both naturally with a new two year contract).

The two new phones will join the HTC Radar as being among the first smartphones that will natively run the latest version of Microsoft's mobile operating system. T-Mobile is scheduled to sell the HTC Radar here in the US on November 2 for $99.99. AT&T is also scheduled to release the big HTC Titan (reviewed here at Neowin) at some point but there's no word on when that smartphone will be available.

With at least three new Windows Phone 7.5 device scheduled to be released in next couple of weeks, we should soon see if these new smartphones will be able to take a significant market share away from the super hot iPhone 4S along with the new Android-based phones such as the Droid Razer and the Android 4.0-powered Galaxy Nexus.

With Microsoft scheduled to hold a press event in New York City on November 7 to further promote Windows Phone, Microsoft is looking to promote Windows Phone at all corners leading up to the holidays.

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I definitely will get the focus s. But I think the way wp7's seem to get a price drop soon after release, I'll see if it happens for the focus s after a few weeks.

I dont think this will be the catalyst alone to drive WP7 awareness (I dont mean awareness means sucsess, just that awareness is required for sucsess), but the fact that mango is out the door (so that 'missing bits' are there, along with loads of new competition lacking stuff), Nokia is fully anounced (with full steam marketing monster), samsung and HTC have pleged more marketing budget (along with MS Help) for WP7 Phones and the MS/Nokia massive marketing campaign. All put together, people will finally know about windows phone 7 and hopefully the s**t-head sales people in stores will give it a chance instead of nievely shrugging WP7 off as WinMo and moving onto android or BB...............

Anyway I do see this as the 'BIG PUSH' for WP (I'll stop calling it WP7 as its no longer that) - in the UK Ive already noticed the cooler TV adds from both Nokia and HTC (the HTC ad is very blackberry esq, following the functions of an artistic professional using the phone to make things easier - but this time its true, the BB ads just advertised stuff available on all smartphones - I think it was simply the 'cool name' hook, as in a cool well know person uses BB so I should).

The Nokia Marketing campaign is, I believe, smart - fist get people interested in the advert, then in wave 2 show more detail - that way people will want to (hopefully) see the phones feaures instead of brushine the advert of - and before the apple crowd say 'just show the phone' - Its only apple that can do this, they have a monopoly over cool and look at me, other companies have to do things a different way due to having customers rather than fans

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