Former Palm head departs HP

One of the remnants of HP's ill-fated acquisition of Palm has now left the company. reports that Jon Rubinstein, who was the former head of Palm and later came on board HP when the company bought Palm, has now officially made his departure from HP. A company spokesperson said, "Jon has fulfilled his commitment and we wish him well."

Rubinstein first gained fame at Apple where he helped to develop the company's iPod. He took over as Palm's CEO in 2009 and led the company to develop its WebOS operating system. In April 2010, Palm was acquired by HP for $1.2 billion and Rubinstein signed on to remain at HP.

The company tried to integrate Palm's WebOS into its products, particularly its HP TouchPad tablet. However, the product bombed out of the gate when it launched in July 2011 and in August HP pulled the plug on all future WebOS devices, including the TouchPad. In December, HP announced plans to make WebOS an open source product and also revealed it would make new WebOS-based hardware products once again.

Rubinstein's departure from HP was expected for some time following the sales failure of the TouchPad tablet. It is currently unknown what Rubinstein will be doing for his next gig.

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Billions spent on an OS, just to become open source months later. The biggest epic fail of the decade.

Maybe if they make more rounded edges for their ultrabooks people will buy more. "Rounder, rounder!"

How did he ruin it? He's one of the few people who actually seemed to see the potential of the platform...

HP killed WebOS, not this one man. A lack of really good vision and polish at a number of levels didn't help, either. But if you've seen Ruby talk, he seemed like one of the few visionaries who had a chance to work on the project.

smooth3006 said,
good riddance to him, he ruined what webos could of been!

He was the mind behind the project i believe....... so you really cant blame him for its fall either.. HP couldve done wonders with it.. I honestly believe its their fault!