Forum Highlights: Neowin member building custom Mac tablet

Neowin’s forums are full of hidden talent and helpful insight into many things.  Currently, one of our forum users Dahr is building a custom Mac tablet.  What started out as a 2007 model MacBook, is now being transformed into a fully functioning tablet. 

Building a project from scratch like this is no easy task.  There are generally few, if any guides available, and its nothing more than determination and a chance to build a product that does not exist that drives the creator.  While not fully complete, the pictures so far are starting to show what the final product will look like. 

You can follow along with him and help give suggestions on problems he has to overcome.  This is still a work in progress, but what Dahr has made so far is nothing short of incredible.  If you’re a visiting guest, you can register for free and see all the benefits that our community has to offer.  

Follow the progress here.

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Great if you're able to pull this off. However, I see little point in using a full desktop OS, like Mac OS X Snow Leopard, for a touch screen device. Aqua with its many small control buttons simply isn't designed for touch input so you're probably better of just sticking with keyboard and mouse.

This looks amazing, and I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished result. I hope you get the result you're looking for.

mrp04 said,
Aren't there any tablets with good OSx86 compatibility? That would be a bit easier.

90% of the fun is building your own

Klethron said,

90% of the fun is building your own

Exactly. And the amount of pride that goes into a finished project, hence why I love to build my PC's, for family and family friends. They always appreciate the work that goes in and hell, it's way better than what you can buy in shops, much cheaper and has the features that you either want or need, not some crap that you pay extra for and don't need.

Klethron said,

90% of the fun is building your own

Trust me, it's enough "fun" trying to install mac osx on unsupported hardware. I've been fiddling with it for the last few weeks and have *nearly* got everything working on my dell 6400 - coming from someone who has installed varios versions of linux and considered myself quite handy, the simple lack of resources for OSX86 on other hardware makes it a massive pain.

andrewbares said,
Or, you could buy a Windows Tablet for less money, and actually use handwriting recognition and more on it.....

Yeah, I think we all know that. But that's not the point of doing this. The point is that its a project, something interesting and challenging that when its done he can fell good at the work that he has put into it. It's not link he bought the mac to purposely turn it into a tablet, it was an old mac that he had lying around.

andrewbares said,
Or, you could buy a Windows Tablet for less money, and actually use handwriting recognition and more on it.....

Mac OS X also has handwriting recognition, at least with a Wacom plugged in...


I just know if he makes the end result amazing, he could esaily make a LOT of money, because if it fits the "apple like product model" then they will for sure try to contact him.

Dahr, get on them watermarks, trademarks, and whatever marks now!

gdodson said,
Yeah, Really clean looking too.

by the way, their claim "With a Wacom Penabled® digitizer and 512 levels of pen pressure sensitivity (more than any tablet PC!), professional artwork flows from the tip of your pen." is kinda ridiculous. as far as I know, any normal tablet pc have 512 levels of pressure.