French lawyer gets 6 month ban over P2P legal threats

A lawyer working with Swiss anti-piracy outfit Logistep has received a ban from practicing as a lawyer for six months. Elizabeth Martin sent inappropriately aggressive and deliberately false and misleading letters to thousands of alleged file sharers that had supposedly been infringing on the rights of Call of Juarez game owned by Techland.

In short, Martin has written to the file sharers and demanded a payment of €400.00 in compensation for the alleged copyright offense if the user wanted to avoid going to court. The letter went on to lead readers to believe that they would be found guilty in court and would be responsible for their own court fees, which would be "substantial."

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Good, two wrongs do not make a right so my mother used to say.

She must be like a traffic warden, on commission.

More she gets to cough up, more commission she gets.

She should be done for spying also.

It sure is hypocritical to fight piracy in such an unethical manner.

The piracy battle must be fought. But as Sony and now this guy have wonderfully demonstrated, it must be fought legally and ethically.

Could we be starting to see the backlash against corporate heavy handedness?

First British ISPs state that it isn't there job to police the internet when the BPI try's to force them and now this.

Hopefully people will learn from this.

On a related note I hope these same people will learn how a DMCA takedown notice should be used.

(lardboy said @ #3)
Could we be starting to see the backlash against corporate heavy handedness?

In Europe yes - I like the reference to "foreign methods"... guess who's the "foreign" they are refering to ;)