From The Forums: Neowin reader posts 'campaign ads' for Microsoft's next CEO

While the search to replace Steve Ballmer as Microsoft's next CEO will be decided by a special committee formed in the company, wouldn't it be interesting to have that selection process be more like a US presidential campaign? Neowin reader Gabotrilius certainly thinks so and in a new forum post on our message boards he offers up some campaign banner ads he says he got from "very good sources."

The post has three fictional campaigners who are trying to win votes. One is Scott Forstall, who helped to develop iOS at Apple and departed the company in 2012 (some say he was fired for the iOS Maps debacle). Needless to say, there's little to no chance that Forstall would be a Microsoft CEO candidate in the real world.

Another banner ad is trying to get people to vote for "Jony". That's Sir Jonathan Paul "Jony" Ive, the current Senior Vice President of Design at Apple and the man who headed up the designs for the iMac, the MacBook Pro, the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad, among others.

Finally, Gabotrilius gives us a somewhat creepy banner ad promoting Steven Sinofsky, who lead development of Windows 7 and 8 and who departed the company a few weeks after Windows 8 launched. Just this week, it was announced that Sinofsky had been named as a board partner for the Silicon Valley-based Andreessen Horowitz venture capital firm.

There have, in fact, been some speculations made today that Sinofsky might return to Microsoft if he was offered the CEO job, but ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley, in her appearance on today, said that her sources have told her there was no way that Sinofsky would be getting the gig.

Source: Gabotrilius on Neowin | Images via Gabotrilius

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No matter how some people put negative spin on Ballmer, the fact is no one can replace him other than Bill Gates himself or appointed as next CEO by Gates or Balmer

minster11 said,
No matter how some people put negative spin on Ballmer, the fact is no one can replace him other than Bill Gates himself or appointed as next CEO by Gates or Balmer

no one can replace him? i can replace him, so does a million other people

Nashy said,
Ballmer fired all the guys who threatened his job. He's a POS.

If you're talking about Sinosfky, he had quite a reputation at MS for refusing to work properly with anyone.

The tipping point that led to Mr. Sinofsky's departure came after an accumulation of run-ins with Mr. Ballmer and other company leaders, rather than a single incident, according to interviews with several current and former Microsoft executives who declined to be named discussing internal matters.

At the meeting, Microsoft's various division heads were expected to make presentations on their businesses, answer questions and remain to hear their peers repeat the exercise.

When Mr. Sinofsky stood on the first day to speak about the Windows division, he told the group he had not prepared a presentation, and if they wanted to catch up on the progress of Windows 8, they could read his company blog, where he publicly chronicled the software's development. He answered questions from the audience and then left the resort, while his colleagues remained until the next day, according to multiple people who were present.

Mr. Sinofsky's early exit and halfhearted presentation were widely noted by his colleagues, irking even his admirers in the company. “He lost a lot of support,” one attendee said.

It's funny how in the other topic you blame Ballmer for Windows 8 when Sinofsky was directly responsible for Metro and the direction of Windows 8.

They need to hire someone who is familiar with how to break up a company into two or more separate entities. The monolithic Microsoft is just too unwieldy to react quickly to changes in the market. If they spun off Windows and Office into a whole separate company...and did the same for their hardware and "cloud" offerings, each company would be better able to compete. They should have done this YEARS ago...

I own Apple products but Jony is the biggest smooth talking drip of a man, he's too slimey, but he has sweaty palms, freak.

You can be the next CEO, how complicated can that be? It is the one of the simplest jobs

Day 1 you go and call the sales heads for a meeting, and ask, hey, why is not selling good? And if they tell you the product is ugly or slow or too fast or whatever, then you get the development team and ask, hey, why that product is ugly?


You two (sales and development), go together in a room and figure it out, I want that thing selling!

Hey, the Bing guy, why I am not able to find what I am searching for? Who is the one writing the search algorithms?

Maps? Yeh you, go back to your desks and get me these things flying, I want to see better maps, google is way ahead
Etc, etc, etc

The simplest job possible, just needs some energy and keep asking people why, but not to a point that make them leave; you can do it!

One more thing, the speech, i forgot that.

You write some speech once in a while, like “want to make the company better”, “develop better”, “work hard”, “believe”, etc.

Then you get that guy who wrote the speech for the “Armageddon” move, or any other inspiring move and tell him to rewrite it, hey you, take that thing and make it better, I want the people to cry from emotions when I read that speech!

Done, Now you are a feared, beloved, and inspiring CEO

The work even more simplest.
An engineer of MS complained about how MS turned into an ineffective beast. He said that, during the 80's, it was easy to move some problems/changes straight to Bill Gates. But now, the bureaucracy is so bad that is almost impossible to reach the CEO, or even reach some trouble to a middle boss. The opposite is also true (the CEO's decision can't reach completely to the engineer).

The idea of a spitted MS is not so crazy after all.

It was a silly intent to make him look like if he's under the effects of the LSD. As it is a joke for the forums, I don't put too much effort on it because I didn't think that this will going to be posted in the front page, lol.

Well Ballmer has driven Microsoft into the ground, so the best thing that could happen would be to give him the boot. They need a visionary like Gates back at the helm to get Microsoft back on track.

dvb2000 said,
Well Ballmer has driven Microsoft into the ground, so the best thing that could happen would be to give him the boot. They need a visionary like Gates back at the helm to get Microsoft back on track.

You are entitled to your opinion, and just like all opinions, everybody has one, hey are like a**holes, everybody has one and they all stink. Reality is that Microsoft has grown every year under Ballmer. Even if they are just one of many successful competitors, they continue to make more profit every year. And people forget all the time that they make more than just Windows and Office, which seems to be the only products that MS is judged by. Competitors like Google and Apple only compete in a small section of Microsoft offerings, Apple is practical ally.

Torolol said,

well, stock market welcome his retirement announcement with good increase in MSFT stock price, (+7.29%)
so yeah, everybody agree (except ballmer's fanboy, like you) that removing him will do GOOD for MSFT.

The stock market also said that Apple was worth $800 a share.