Fujitsu blames "weak" Windows 8 launch for its lower PC shipments

While other PC makers such as Dell have said there is a lot of interest in Windows 8 since it launched two months ago, that feeling is not shared by all PC hardware companies.

Today, the president of Japan-based Fujitsu put his finger on Windows 8 as part of the reason why the company will not ship as many PCs as it anticipated for its current fiscal year.

Bloomberg reports that demand for Windows 8 is "weak" so far, according to Fujitsu President Masami Yamamoto. The company had previously predicted it would ship about seven million PCs for its fiscal year that ends on March 31, 2013. Now it says its PC shipments will be around six million units.

However, Windows 8 doesn't get the full blame from Yamamoto. He also says that PC demand in Europe, which is getting hit hard by its long running economic recession, is also slumping. Even with these issues, Yamamoto claims that Fujitsu won't be discounting its PCs to boost sales. Fujitsu gets about 20 percent of its total revenues from sales of PCs and mobile devices.

Fujitsu is the only known PC maker to announce a Windows 8-based tablet that will run on an AMD processor. However, the tablet, the Fujitsu Stylistic Q572, has yet to go on sale.

Source: Bloomberg | Image via Fujitsu

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How many tablets/PCs do they actually offer with Win 8?
The Q572 that is pictured above has absolutely horrible specs and is insanely overpriced.

Sounds to me like that company is run by a bunch of morons.

I don't think they are over priced, but if they were selling on the same quantity as say; Dell or HP then you would see a much more affordable laptop.

Fujitsu has always focused on the business end of the consumer market.

Enc0rix said,
Their laptops are totally overpriced.

But the build quality is AWESOME! Oh wait... the first Fujitsu laptop I bought was BSODing when downloading because of an IRQ conflict with the wifi card (IRQ conflicts in 2007... seriously?) and I had to buy and install another miniPCI card because Fujitsu didn't want to fix the problem. Then one year later the GPU died because it was one of the defective Nvidia ones, not Fujitsu's fault of course, but they kept the laptop almost 2 months and when I got it back one cap of the screen hinges was missing and the whole cover was inflated because they didn't re-assemble it well. What a nightmare.

I haven't seen a single Fujitsu advert online or on TV, I don't think it should be a one way thing of Fujitsu relying on Microsoft's Windows 8 advertisement to move more units.

It really doesn't surprise me. I was in best buy last weekend and in the 30 minutes I was there looking at monitors 2 people asked for computers that had windows 7 and not 8.

I was also in bestbuy over Christmas lots of people were buying the surface, one store sold out pretty quick, the laptop were also selling like hotcakes in several best buys and futureshops.

Yeah if Fujitsu actually gave a damn about Windows then they wouldn't be doing so badly.

When doing well: take all the credit.
When doing bad: blame Windows.

I am starting to notice a pattern here:
a) "anti" windows 8, show numbers of sales.
b) pro windows 8 show... people dancing.

Brony said,
I am starting to notice a pattern here:
a) "anti" windows 8, show numbers of sales.
b) pro windows 8 show... people dancing.


Reports that Windows 8 is doing great = come directly from Microsoft.

Reports that Windows 8 is doing poorly = come from every other source on the planet.

Microsoft: here's some real hard facts(actual sales numbers). 40 Million sold in one month.

Negative reports: Some old guys sitting in a mall seeing how many people enter the apple and Microsoft stores means Windows 8 is failing.

OEMS: we made crappy overpriced and difficult to find hardware, and a lot of people are choosing to upgrade Windows 8 on the cheap instead of giving us money for our crappy machines,so our sales are low.

Michael Dell, founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of one of the largest PC manufacturers in the world, said during the Dell World conference that Microsoft's latest operating system is more popular than one might think when reading internet sites. reports that Dell said during Dell World in Austin, Texas that the interest in Windows 8 is quite high.


vcfan said,
Microsoft: here's some real hard facts(actual sales numbers). 40 Million sold in one month.

Yes but it includes the OEM that is not the same than those reached to the end user. Also the fact that MS spend a fortune in marketing and how Windows8 can be purchased by a penny.

President of Fujitsu: PC demand in Europe, which is getting hit hard by its long running economic recession, is also slumping.

Jeremy Davies, CEO of channel analyst Context,speaking about Europe PC sales : Despite the uncertain economy, PC sales through IT distribution in the two weeks prior to launch and including the week itself actually rose 7.8 per cent (288k units) [year-on-year],".

Fujitsu fail

I can see the Windows 8 critics are out in full force wearing their tired, boring, predictable, usual rhetoric of posting entirely in the context of feeling persecuted by Windows 8 fanboys.

Produce something half of the people don't like, release it totally unfinished, delay the hardware for a few months, release the hardware totally overpriced and rare to find, get a lot of negative press on what you have done, fire the Windows manager and replace it with the one that started the problem, combine all of that stupidity together and you will understand why that thing does not sell.

I loved Vista a lot, I installed it on all my PCs, I was impressed by the advertisements, I tried to convince everyone that it is good, and I did not understand why the people did not like it, well, I loved the glass interface but hated the colors a bit.

Still, that Vista was not a success, looking at Windows 8 I now understand why.

The buzz just isn't there. I don't hear anyone talking about it, the marketing seems half-assed and I just don't see Windows 8 anywhere outside the negative press. Meanwhile, people were going ape **** over Windows 7. Hell, even today, it's still the most-talked about version of Windows. It doesn't make everything else bad, but it does say something about Windows 8...

Has Fujitsu even looked at their own designs? Their stuff looks pretty bland compared to other Windows 8 pcs. One of the main reasons other companies are doing better is designs, build quality and ease for the customer. Fujitsu isn't on that list for me, maybe for others, but when it comes to buying a new laptop for the family I go with a company that they would be able to work with

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