Full BUILD 2013 conference sessions listing revealed

Microsoft is only a few hours away from starting its BUILD 2013 developer conference in San Fransisco. It will begin with the keynote address, where Microsoft is expected to officially announce the Windows 8.1 public preview will be available to download.

Microsoft will live stream the keynote address on the Channel9 website today, as well as the day 2 keynote on Thursday. However, Microsoft will also upload videos of all of the BUILD 2013 sessions that will be held from today through Friday, after the fact.

The Channel9 site has already posted up a full schedule of the BUILD 2013 sessions, offering anyone who is not attending the event a heads up on the subjects they will cover. Some of the session titles give a few clues as to what Microsoft might reveal during the conference.

One session is called "What's New in Direct3D 11.2" which would confirm that Microsoft plans to launch a new version of its Direct3D graphics API. Another session is called "Hyper-fast web graphics with WebGL" which would also seem to confirm that Internet Explorer 11 will likely support WebGL.

Neowin will be attending BUILD 2013 and we will be offering reports from the various sessions and keynotes over the next few days.

Source: Channel9 | Image via Microsoft

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Another interesting session title is the:
"Bringing Desktop PC Games to Windows Store"

I wonder what that is? Maybe the megaton bomb that everyone is expecting: XBOX SDK for pure PC games with XBOX Account integration, achievements, messaging and networking and a true Portal within the Windows Store to distribute them? In other words Microsoft's XBOX Branded solution to finally compete with Steam?

Or just a session to go over the basic qualifications in order to put "desktop PC Games" download links in the Windows Store similar to how Desktop Apps can be placed in Store as well?

I don't think it has to do with putting links in the store. those are already there. there are games like gtaiv,max payne 3, etc...

in many prior conferences, MSFT doesn't reveal the full schedule ahead of time anyways. For instance, when they revealed Azure, it wasn't on the agenda at all. not even the print one you got on day one. As you exited the big keynote, they had printed new agendas and the site updated. so keep that in mind if you don't see your favorite technology there.

amnesia- said,
No Xbox?

doesn't mean it wont be announced in the keynote. something like sdk could be released down the line.

It appears not, but I'm sure development for Xbox One will be mentioned in a few of the keynotes and sessions. Otherwise, I'm just as baffled as you are...