Games Ship for New iPods

Joining the ranks of the fifth-generation iPod, Apple's iTunes Store is now selling Tetris, Ms. Pac-Man and Sudoku available for the third-generation iPod nano and the iPod classic. Apple CEO Steve Jobs first indicated that the new iPods would be able to play games at Apple's "The Beat Goes On" special event held in San Francisco, and said that the games would be available in a few weeks. Users who have already downloaded these games for their fifth-generation iPods need to buy them again for the new iPod nano or iPod classic. So far, only the above mentioned three games have been reworked with the new devices – it is expected that the other downloadable games available for fifth-generation iPods will soon hit the online store.

News source: PC World

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so for over $400 aussie, you can get a ipod that plays music videos and (crappy) games with a half decent screen.

people get a PSP if you want to play games have an MP3 player, video player and a hell of a lot more, and hey, it's even cheaper.

the ipods are a serious rip off, as is all apple crap

Smigit said,
except of course it doesnt give you as much memory out of the box...not to mention the device is twice as big.

so how many poele need an ipod with 80 gig really?? 1 8 gig stick is enough for all the music i want to listne to on a trip and well i can have as many of the 8 gig sticks as i want, at $100. the space thing is not worth arguing about.

and the slim is not twice as big, it may be slightly bigger but also has a screen that is ten times better

Yes these may be classics but these are the same games (type) that are released for all phones every time a new one comes out, how about something different for a change. I'm in no way saying these games are bad I'm merely stating for a change.

While I'm not much of a sudoku fan, Ms. Pac Man and Tetris are simply classics, and certainly not crappy. I guess I'm just getting old but these kinds of games are the ones I grew up on.

Hope the rockbox project figures out how to replace the firmware. Then you get a few dozen games for free. IMO paying for games on such a device is burning money...

IMO "rockbox" is just awful. The UI is terrible and it looks like a 1989 gameboy. And you don't always have to pay for games there are ways of getting them for free but I'm not going into that.

Bobster said,
IMO "rockbox" is just awful. The UI is terrible and it looks like a 1989 gameboy. And you don't always have to pay for games there are ways of getting them for free but I'm not going into that.

Rockbox is far superior in terms of audio support and audio quality, which is the most important thing. Who really cares what the UI looks like? If you really do, you will find it has thousands of themes which are way better than the original one...

Your main complaint is that rockbox's UI is ugly? As zivian mentionned, you can download thousand of themes, or even make your own wps. There's no reason you should pay for these simple games. Not because they're crappy, but because they're classic and very simple to program.

I'm so sick and tired of hearing these complaints! Does is suck? Yes.

However, users who have the money to buy the next new iPod in a heartbeat should have the money to buy the same games but for a different model. In addition, users agreed to this when on iTunes it said for fifth-generation only. Users shouldn't complain because they should know better when buying games when that's what the directions say.