GameStop launches trade-in program, paying for your Xbox One Kinect

GameStop has recently announced a trade-in deal for users who wish to drop their Xbox One Kinect for some extra money. The company is offering a $32 pay-out in cash or $40 in-store credit and is reportedly available in all U.S stores. It's also worth noting that if you're a PowerUp Rewards Pro member you'll receive an extra 10 percent credit if you take up the offer.

The trade-in program began yesterday, with the news originating from Twitter user Wario64. Both Polygon and GameSpot have confirmed the trade-in program with multiple GameStop associates around the states.

For many months Microsoft tried to persuade skeptical gamers that the Kinect hardware was a vital part of the Xbox One experience. However in May, Microsoft announced that the Xbox One could be purchased without the Kinect at a lower sum of $399. This knocked $100 off the console's original cost, in a bid to reign in more sales around the globe. Major rival Sony currently has the upper hand on overall sales, with the PlayStation 4 surpassing six million units.

Whether the masses will flock to GameStop to get rid of their Kinect, only time will tell. The price of the preowned Kinects that are traded in is yet to be revealed.

Source: Twitter via GameSpotImage via Polygon

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I can't for the life of me understand how Gamestop is thriving. I get that it's "easy" to trade in games there, (albeit at an absolutely insane loss to the consumer), but given the ease of Amazon, GameFly and eBay, how are they still so prevalent?

I called one the other day and asked if they have Dead Rising 3 used.

"yes 57.99"

"how much is new?"


Amazon $41 new. Guess I'll get it from amazon.

Yeaaahhhhhhhh, I'll go ahead and keep mine, thankyouverymuch.
GameStop and their ridiculous trade in schemes. Also, I don't even like going into a GameStop anymore to make a simple purchase. All I want to do is buy a game. If I wanted to reserve one, sign up for some card or pledge my life to the GameStop God I would say so.
Just shut up, ring me up and let me leave.

It is not that it will not be published any game that uses Kinect. So, unlikely HDDVD, Kinect is also a camera and a mic so it is still usable.

In the UK, the 2nd hand store CEX will buy your Kinect 2 off you for the whopping sum of £5 (or £8 store credit). They resell them for £20 - so they don't feel there's a future for Kinect!

You're much better off selling it on eBay even with their ridiculous 13% fees (10% eBay 3% PayPal, same company)

This is pretty bad when even vendors who normally support the product, are doing this.

It's a sharp and painful reminder that if the platform can't sell the games, it really has no business existing. It will cannibalize itself for success.

Also I'm going to bet that MS supports this via backroom deals. It would prevent lawsuits from those angry for not having this option in the first place -- remember that the XBox One was originally sold with the "Kinect as a vital and integrated part of your gaming experience".

This coin has two sides. This isn't about XBox One owners who want to ditch their Kinect.

It's about people who buy the XBox today without the Kinect and regret not getting it. Gamestop saw, astutely, that some number of those new customers would end up wishing they had a Kinect for their console and make their way off to a store to see what it takes to pick one up.

Suddenly, Gamestop has stock of the accessory they can sell at a higher profit margin than fresh inventory from Microsoft.

That's 100% what this is.

You beat me to it. If Kinect retail for $149.99, GameStop will sell it used for $144.95. What a DEAL. Let's call GameStop from now on 1-800-RID-JUNK. Another department called "Yard House Department"

I'll keep a hold of mine because it saves steps navigating the UI, letting you jump from one app to the next without exiting out, looking for it etc.

Plus stuff like "Xbox Record That".