Gaming news round-up: November 1

So how many of you checked out Uncharted 3 yet? It looks like it will be nominated for a bunch of Game of the Year awards. In the meantime let's check out some gaming news for today.

Gears of War 3 DLC plans - The first DLC pack for the Xbox 360 third person shooter, the Horde Command Pack, is now available for 800 Microsoft points. A free multiplayer map pack will be released on November 24 (US Thanksgiving) and the single player DLC RAAM's Shadow will be released on December 13.

Silicon Knights confirms layoffs - The Canadian game developer confirmed that the studio cut down its staff this week from 97 down to "almost" 40, claiming that an unnamed game project had been canceled.

Humble Voxatron Bundle adds games - The newest "pay what you want" indie game bundle has added two games, Blocks That Matter and The Binding of Isaac, along with Voxatron.

Saints Row The Third PC features - The PC version of the upcoming open world action game from THQ will get some exclusive features including an in-game video record mode.

Battlefield 3 DLC via Dr. Pepper - People who buy specially marked cans of Dr. Pepper can get some exclusive Battlefield 3 DLC items like multiplayer skins, dog tags and more.

DOTA 2 beta to expand soon - More people will be invited this week to try out Valve's upcoming action-RTS sequel with plans to update the beta every Thursday with new content and bug fixes.

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Pwrmad said,
I will definitely buy those Humble Bundle's from now on!

I bought the last two and they were definitely a great deal. Skipping this one as I don't like the look of any of the games on offer.

So I bought the Season Pass for Gears of War as I've been a fan since the original (Forgetting GOW2 of course)

It promised a 25% saving and as I knew I would be getting any Map pack released I bought it. Now I hear the MP maps are FREE and the Season pass just gets me to unlock horde guff that is already on my disc? Just let me lube up so you can shaft me a little easier EPIC... twunts

Gears of War 3 DLC plans - Read about this yesterday; Epic's really screwing their loyal GoW customers a lot quicker this time round. If anyone bought the Horde Command Pack DLC for the maps, they are seriously p'ed off now. All you're essentially getting for your 800MSP now is a few enhancements for Horde mode, character and weapon skins, and an extra 250 gamerscore's worth of achievements.

Silicon Knights confirms layoffs - Like I said before, never good to see developers forced to make a wave of layoffs. I wonder what the cancelled project was...

Humble Voxatron Bundle adds games - And that is why you sign up for the Humble Indie Bundles as soon as they go up! Steam keys are available for both games too.

Saints Row The Third PC features - I'm really starting to look forward to this now! The video record feature is a nice touch made great because you can turn the HUD off while recording, so expect to see some Saints Row The Third machinima! Also, "post launch, the PC version will receive exclusive customization options, including oversized bobblehead masks of characters from your favorite non-THQ online shooter, Valve's Team Fortress 2. They're free, so Strap Them On!" And finally, "other highlights include AMD Eyefinity support, DX9, DX10, and DX11 support, Crossfire enabled, SLI enabled, advanced depth of field, reflections, and ambient occlusion quality, and, of course, God Rays." Volition say they're doing all this to prove that the PC version is not a port. Well, the game's out in 13 days, so let's wait and see what everyone thinks about it...

Battlefield 3 DLC via Dr. Pepper - Oh god, not again. EA: Kings of unnecessary product placement; with Activision in second, and Naughty Dog temporarily in third because of the Subway tie-in in Uncharted 3, even though it did give us non-Yanks an earlier start on the multiplayer.

DOTA 2 beta to expand soon - Don't really have any interest in Defence of the Acients 2. I've seen a few gameplay videos on YouTube of the international championships held at Gamescom, and I guess I'm just not really into the RTS genre in general; with Command & Conquer being the only occasional exception.