Gaming news round-up: November 8

So how many of you jumped into Modern Warfare 3 immediately? More importantly, how many of you took time off of work today to play? Before you feel guilty, check out some other gaming news.

Activision Blizzard reports solid financial results - The publisher reported third quarter financial results that beat expectations; however, the company admitted that its World of Warcraft MMO has lost over a million subscribers in the past six months.

Take Two Interactive delays XCOM - As part of its own financial results today, Take Two Interactive admitted that its upcoming first person shooter XCOM, originally due for release in March 2012, has now been delayed until sometime in the company's fiscal 2013 time period.

Ubisoft: Another Assassin's Creed game due in 2012 - Ubisoft, as part of its financial results, admitted that it is planning to release yet another game in its Assassin's Creed series sometime in 2012.

Saints Row 4 already planned - THQ already has plans to create a fourth game in its open world crime action game series; the latest game, Saints Row The Third, is due for release next week.

Modern Warfare 3 PC download special offer - GameStop's Impulse service will give people who download and buy Modern Warfare 3 a $10 credit towards future PC game download purchases.

Batman Arkham City gets PC release date - The PC port of the hit super hero open world action game will be released on November 22 in the US.

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This is sad for COD I use to like there series. Black ops was the last one I said id stick with. I'm glad I got bf3 love that game. I've played just about all the series of bf. just a few I didn't get too. Cause I play on pc. But oh we'll. Guess bf3 won this bf3 vs mw3. War people were doing? What's the rating on bf3?

Wow. I just went to Metacritic to check out the scores for BF3 and MW3...the gamers are really giving MW3 a beating...the general idea appears to be that MW3 is just a DLC for MW2.

Man alive, there are so many games coming out soon, I'm not going to have the time or money to play them all!