Gates: WorldWide General Availability of Vista & Office 2007

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1:45 p.m. PST / 4:45 p.m. EST
From Times Square in New York City, join Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates for a live webcast celebrating the worldwide launch of Windows Vista and the 2007 Microsoft Office System. The celebration pays tribute to the millions of Microsoft customers, partners and product testers around the world who provided input and feedback on these products -- helping Microsoft transform the way people communicate, create and share content, and access information and entertainment in the new digital age.

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News source: Bill Gates Webcasts

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How lacklustre was that?

Most exciting bit was from the Mom, saying, "It was because of me the DVD button was put into Vista"..
Oh please......major yawn...

Watching Gates on the Daily Show was better though...

ah, anyway, hoping for a quick release for Leopard.... man that better rock or else im not getting excited anymore
about OS's...

has any one been having problems watching the webcast as i am not getting audio, i am using Windows Media Player 11 bu i am getting nothing at all.

my other audio files work ok its just this webcast.

any suggestions


Is the on demand version working for you guys? All streams are just broken links for me and I'm dieing to watch it!!!

Pathetic show... So stupid and unorganized... SB was just weird... BG said "something" and disappered...

Seems like show was prepared in "last 5 minutes"... Disgusting...

I must say this was some of the most marketing bull**** i've seen yet from microsoft! It really was boring and impersonal. I can just imagine the group of execs in a room sitting and thinking "what's a good catch phrase? oh, i know, the wow starts now. yeah, that's very human!" I swear the whole presentation seemed so much like an infomercial, it was ridiculous! I don't know what has gotten into microsoft.

On top of that, it looked to me like windows actually got HARDER to use. One of key things about ease of use is simplicity, and microsoft strays FAR from this. It just all got way too complicated.

By no means am I an apple fanboy, but the macworld iphone keynote address was one of the most interesting and fun to watch presentions ever!

so those are my thoughts anyway...

the keynote crashes after 4mins... billgates starts talking and then nothing...

tried it with 500k and 200k streams

Must mean it's over for the most part I don't see what else they could talk about otherwise they would keep spouting out the same stuff over and over again.

and all of a sudden theres 8 updates for my machine and to Ultimate extras... could of done with these before now Bill but thanks anyway for holdin out

We're called angels in airwaves... and we believe in something... like uh.. the paychecks were getting while the AV Geeks are scrambling at our feet.

Ok.. what the hell is this guy going on about?

nikez2k4 said,
Is there anything interesting happening? The feed is just displaying "On Demand version available shortly"

Well I just quickly heard Bill talking about RSS again!

What a bunch of crap is that huh? Since XP was released people wanted that.

Oh by the way EXTRAS are on update now. poker is boring I wish I can play it online.


These audio guys, AND video guys do not know what they are doing. We are seeing stuff we are not meant to be seeing yet. We see some band setting up in the dark, yet we hear some guy talking about vista who we do not see.


nikez2k4 said,
I thought that....but then I thought - hold on that little girl has a male voice...

HAHA...that was actually balmer...

So let me get this straight... a family thought it would be a good idea to add a "burn" button to a program, so Microsoft invited them to Vista's opening and gave them the first copy??

Possible, but why did they release the other extras already? I am already playing Texas Hold'Em, but I would like to see Dreamscene.

nikez2k4 said,
Isn't it due for a January 30th (US "time") launch? It's still the 29th at the moment ;)

Poker and groupshot are on there though

Agh! Don't shoot the messenger hehe...

I don't have Ultimate yet so I didn't know - I really hope you guys get it though....does look very cool.

Thanks. That one was made by Stardock actually. You'll be able to download it at when DreamScene is public.

Slimy said,
It's not if you use wmp11 :P

I'm running Vista and I don't see anything, hear only the audio :(
I restarted and I see now the video.

Wow, is that really true? WHen he looks down at his bottom-left,is he looking at his auto que all the time? Every 3 seconds?

Yeah :)

Did you see him at CES? He was looking from left to right....if you look close enough you can see he looks in the same place the illusion that he isn't reading from it.

SeBsZ said,
Well, I think it's time.... but nothing is happening.

Yeah I'm on Ultimate here as well.

and here lo. Typical MS for it to start late. Kinda fits in with Longhorn / vista though lol, a nice long delay

The stream just switched from a static text message to live video from time square and the freaks already started waving at the camera! lol

This sucks. I'm waiting in 6th Period math right now, and don't get ou until 2:15 PST. How long is it supposed to go for?

I live and work on a few blocks from Times Square... is the presentation ACTUALLY going to be in Times Square... or in the Marriot or some other hotel?

(I havent been to a OS launch since Win95... oh the joys</sarcasm> of seeing Bill dance to the Stones)

Judging by how cold it is in NYC today (temps were never above freezing today, with wind chill temps under 20°F), I doubt they will spend an extended amount of time actually outside in Times Square. I'd attend myself, but my boss won't let me leave our Union Square office until 5 PM sharp.

When are those extras coming?

BTW, I've checked the actual pricing in euros for windows vista. The difference with the US prices is HUGE. Any reason behind this??
Home Premium UPGRADE is around 225-250 euros. That's A LOT compared to the 150 bucks it costs in the US.

I've even seen Ultimate between 400 and more than 500. With XP it was the non upgrade versions that were really expensive.. but the others were ranging from 80 euro to around 150-200..


Julius Caro said,
When are those extras coming?

They will be arriving along with Palladium, WinFS, Monad, SecurID integration, PC-to-PC synchronization, full XPS support, the end of Spam, TV that is 'revolutionized' by the internet, and charitable foundation investment ethics.

I still see the "General Availability launch webcast"...

Anyhow..i am waiting for new Ultimate extras & innovate Vista specific apps!...i am getting Ultimate version within a month (in india)

I still see the "General Availability launch webcast"...

Of course you do, it doesn't begin for another 2 hours 10 minutes.