'Gears of War,' 'Shoot Many Robots' are December's free Xbox Live Gold games

Microsoft's Games for Gold program, which offers free games to Xbox Live Gold subscribers, will offer "Gears of War" during the first half of December, the second major Xbox 360 exclusive game to be offered as part of the program, following "Halo 3" in October.

"Gears of War" will be free for Gold subscribers from Dec. 1-15, according to the Major Nelson. The game, which is usually priced at $19.99, was released in 2006 by Microsoft and developer Epic Games. The third-person shooter was an instant hit thanks to its cover-based gameplay, dark and gritty art style and impressive graphics, not to mention a rifle that had a chainsaw attached. The game spawned three sequels from Microsoft and Epic, all for the Xbox 360.

From Dec. 16-31, the free game will be "Shoot Many Robots." Released in 2012 by developer Demiurge and publisher Ubisoft, this game is normally priced at $9.99. It's a side-scrolling action game where users shoot lots of robots with hundreds of weapons that can be unlocked during the game. It also has offline co-op for up to two players and online co-op for up to four players.

Recently, Microsoft confirmed that owners of the Xbox One who sign up for Xbox Live Gold will be able to download free games every month sometime in 2014.

Source: Major Nelson | Image via Epic Games

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I'm hoping they start to offer games that aren't that old as part of the offer going forward. It wouldn't be that hard to offer up something that's 4 months old for example, the way the games market goes everyone who wanted to play it probably has and has paid for it already. Or if not for free at least give gold members a nice discount for the digital versions. Seems like they only do this when it's a holiday, like with the black Friday deals that started yesterday for the 360.

I agree but Gears 1 is still one of the greatest of all time if you don't have it. Actually needs to be optimized and re-released for Windows 8.

MorganX said,
I agree but Gears 1 is still one of the greatest of all time if you don't have it. Actually needs to be optimized and re-released for Windows 8.

I'm not saying it's a bad game and if you haven't played the Gears games yet then you should it'd just be nice to see more newer releases as time goes on.

I think they're gonna make more Gears of Wars, they're better off keeping the same controls as Gears 3 and not Judgement, that's for sure.

Mr.XXIV said,
Oh hell yea, I'd definitely try to get Gears of War for Windows again.

Will it even work after GFLW gets shut down?

Games for Windows will always work regardless of Live no longer working, like Halo 2 Vista for example. You don't have to worry.