Gigabyte pushes into mid-range motherboard market

In order to prevent head-on competition with Asustek Computer, Gigabyte Technology has decided to fully push into the mid-range market this year, according to a Chinese-language Apple Daily report citing sources at the company.

Gigabyte's shipment proportion of mid-range motherboard was only 30% last year, but with the company planning to reduce the proportion of entry-level motherboards from 50% to 30% this year, the proportion of mid-range boards will increase to 40%, said the paper.

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Most people don't use their computers for real time audio. I bet half those complaining or worrying don't realize that it's not a factor for how they use a computer.

I disagree, Gigabyte is making some of the best motherboards on the market right now. The bios is updated often to fix bugs and improve performance.

The problem is that people here probably buy the product on day one and expect it to be perfect. I usually wait until revisions and updated bios are out. Like software, hardware needs to mature before I consider buying it.

P35-DS3L rev 2.0
purchased 3 months ago (rev 1.0 released early 2007)
DPC Latency, bad BIOSes

What board do you run and the bios revision? You statement without facts means nothing.

Ga-EP35-DS3R rev 2.1 original bios

Board is stable and overclocks well, plenty of features.

DPC Latency only affects real time audio and video applications. Windows itself is NOT a Real Time operating system so right there you start with strike against you. Many motherboards suffer from DPC latency and poorly written drivers make the problem worse.

I agree totally. BIOSes are a disgrace. DPC Latency is ignored. No support forum whatsoever. There are a few that a Gigabyte rep will participate in, but with no accountability, and use their customers as beta-bios guineapigs.

If Gigabyte thinks it can compete with Asus, it needs to do something about it's lack of tech support and it's poor quality, bug-filled BIOSes. Amongst the major motherboard manufacturers, Gigabyte tech support is the worst in the industry.