Girl gets lippy with scanner

Firefighters were called to rescue an 11-year-old girl who got her lip trapped while trying to scan her face into a computer.

A spokesman for the Ipswich fireservice said that Catherine Simpson had been experimenting with the old-style scanner when her lip got caught in a roller. "Her mother could not release her and in desperation called us," the spokesman said.

It took one fireman to hold her and another to roll her lip out. A fire service spokesman said: "We have the tools for these kind of things although this was certainly a little bit different. She was in quite a lot of pain."

Catherine's mother, Sally Simpson, said that her daughter screamed when she thought she was going to lose her top lip. "She's fine now. Her lip's a bit swollen and she will not be doing it again," she said. "I just gave her a cuddle. She didn't do it on purpose."

News source: vnunet

View: Evening Star - Not lipstick but lip stuck for girl

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