Glitch gives some Xbox 360 owners free Microsoft points

The Xbox Live Rewards program has been set up by Microsoft to give Xbox 360 owners a way to get extra Microsoft Points if you do things like renew your Xbox Live Gold membership or take part in special promotions. However on Thursday night, some Xbox 360 owners discovered that the Xbox Live Rewards system gave them some extra points that they had not earned. As reported by Computer and Video Games, thousands of Microsoft Points were delivered via a glitch in the system. The origin of the glitch has yet to be revealed.

Some Xbox 360 owners reportedly went ahead and spent their extra Microsoft Points. Others did the right thing and contacted Microsoft's Xbox customer service on fears that their credit cards might have been hacked. The official Twitter page for Xbox Support gave some contradictory info on whether or not people who spend those Microsoft Points would have those purchases recalled. However, Microsoft is now telling those who already spent the extra points that they will get to keep their items, only the points that haven't been spent yet have been recalled.

As we mentioned the Xbox Live Rewards program is designed to give active Xbox 360 owners some extra incentives for their activities. For example, people who renew their Xbox Live Gold membership for a full year will receive 200 Microsoft points, with lower amounts given out to people who renew for a shorter amount of time.

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You snooze you lose.

Plus it would be a lot more work for MS to take away achievements from those people who got those free points.

They already corrected the issue as I noticed extra points yesterday and just thought it was the bonus points I was supposed to receive for the program then today they were gone so I was worried that I may have accidentally bought something so I was looking around for what happened. It is lame that MS does not just let everyone keep them since those that spent them already seem to have gotten a free pass but those that did not end up losing out.

MASTER260 said,
Oh, sure, let the people who did the right thing take the fall for it.

I agree, they should let them all keep it - or at least those that had the decency to question it.