Global Demand Lifts PC Sales

Despite weak growth in the US, computer makers still posted another double-digit gain in shipments worldwide in the first quarter, according to two technology research firms that said the increase beat their forecasts. IDC and Gartner on Wednesday also said Dell's recent initiative to offer computers in retail stores is helping it gain ground on Hewlett-Packard, which wrestled the title of world's largest PC maker from Dell in late 2006.

Even with growth in U.S. sales slowing to around 3 percent, overseas gains boosted global first-quarter PC shipments 14.6 percent, according to IDC, and to 12.3 percent by Gartner's count. That's because the United States accounted for just 23 percent of global shipments in the first quarter compared with 25 percent a year ago. "Even if there is a particularly bad U.S. market, it's becoming a smaller piece of the global puzzle," said Bob O'Donnell, an IDC vice president.

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Just as the earlier article stated:

The consumer is also a much larger portion of the PC market now, and consumers don't buy in waves. In other words, although PC sales are growing, the larger number of buyers have attenuated any coordination in their actions.

Some thought that the service packs for Windows Vista might prompt an upgrade, but it didn't happen.

Oh, the irony!

Ummm, Dell always sold their machines in stores didn't they?

At least they do here (New Zealand). They where selling them in actual stores here like 4 years ago....

(eilegz said @ #1.2)
mostly crappy intel video graphics.

Crappy or not, all of them since GMA900 can run Compiz flawlessly,
which makes them more than good enough for everyday office use.
Gaming world is more into the consoles these years...

(eilegz said @ #1.2)
mostly crappy intel video graphics.

Yeah because spending a fortune on a video card is great when you want to run Word and check your e-mail.