Gmail: One button to merge them all

With Android invading the smartphone market worldwide, more and more users are beginning to rely on their Google Contacts to keep their phone numbers in order. This can be a pretty daunting task, especially when you have multiple instances of your contacts scattered all over the place. Up until now, the only way to fix this was to manually merge all instances of the same contact into one. This process could take hours for even the most skilled Googler.

Via the Official Gmail Blog, all that hard work can now be forgotten. Now, you can merge all duplicate contacts with a single click. Present in your contacts is a "Got duplicate contacts?" section. By clicking "Find duplicates" you can easily see a list of all contacts that appear more than once. You can then click "details" by each one to see a preview of what the proposed merge would look like. On the list, you can then select which ones you do or don't want merged. It's pretty simple, and works very well.

Your Google Contacts can be used on many different devices, and unlike many carrier supplied backup solutions, this one's free. Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry are all supported via Google Sync. Using Google Contacts will ensure that you never lose your years worth of amassed names and numbers. Even if you lose your phone, Google has your contacts safely stored on their servers, waiting to be synced to your replacement device.

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Do you really want to give your contacts or any other information to a company that thinks privacy is only needed by people who are doing something wrong?

I've had merging mishaps create duplicate entries that have taken forever to clean up. Its nice to see that there is a feature to hopefully eliminate that head ache.

When I read the headline I was hoping they would allow multiple GMail accounts merged into 1 (or have email aliases).

MotoBlur (via Droid, Cliq) merges contacts that exist over various sources such as Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Gmail and your local device.

My immediate need is to store all of this information on Gmail and removing the local device data as a source, so that Gmail stores all my contact info for me that doesn't already exist (e.g. phone number, address - info not normally provided on social net sites).

This is kind of what WebOS does when you first set it up. It merges contacts from Facebook, Exchange, and Google. Then you have an option to manually merge contacts that the OS couldn't figure out were the same.

Haha, I saw the title and the first thing I thought was...there goes google trying to take over the world again.

Back to the topc, finally Gmail gets this. WLM has had it forever now.