Goldgenie is selling the iPhone 5s with real gold cases for as much as $4,144.63

In two days, Apple will officially launch the iPhone 5s, which will let people pick from three different colors; grey, silver and, yes, gold. Much has been made in the media about the gold colored phone in particular and it's even been the subject of at least one parody video.

However, for the folks who really do have a lot of money, they can bypass the gold colored iPhone 5s and go straight to a version that is coated in real 24CT gold. A company called Goldgenie has already been taking pre-orders for this phone for the past few weeks, even before Apple made its official iPhone 5s announcement last week.

The company has been offering these kind of customized smartphones for a while, but how do they feel about Apple offering a gold colored iPhone 5s for the first time? We contacted Goldgenie and got a comment from a company representative:

We are delighted that Apple has recognized the value of our marketing efforts to promote gold. It endorses our belief that gold is still recognized as a luxury must have. We are preparing for greater sales because of Apple’s foray into this market.

The company stated that pre-orders for its custom iPhone 5s products have already generated a lot of sales, especially from customers in the Middle East and Asian markets. When we asked what drives these kinds of people to purchase such a luxury item, Goldgenie's rep told us:

The general vibe that we get from interactions with our customers is that they have a sense of well being, fulfillment and achievement when they purchase our phones. Also we’ve noticed that there is a race within social circles to be the first to own our products.

The starting price for a real gold iPhone 5s from Goldgenie is £2137 ($2820) but that can go up to as much as £3130.98 ($4144.63) depending on options. On the plus side, all of Goldgenie's phones come in a Cherry Oak box and all come unlocked without a SIM card, so no two year contracts with these models.

Source: Goldgenie | Images via Goldgenie

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So plate your phone with an even softer more scratchable metal, which you will end up putting a case over to protect? Makes sense to me.

I can already see the headlines:
People getting KILLED over golden iPhones, simple robberies a thing of the past.

This technically aint a waste. If you do have $4500 laying around it would be a good buy. Gold is selling at $1400 (as of 1h ago) per ounce. 24K (99.99% Pure) with phone, and no contract is to a degree "Guaranteed Investment" which will only go up in value over time. Depending on how much gold is in the case, your phone value would only go up instead of down like "regular" folks.

Went on the site. The HTC One looks awesome in gold. The GS4 does too, though they did layer the battery door.

After having this do9ne, make sure you don't break your phone unless you claim it on your insurance. $4000? AppleCare won't replace

As soon as I get my Note 3 I want to see how much to layer up the silver RIM with either gold or platinum.

I'll have to admit it: the one standing looks deliciously shiny. And it is a beautiful deep color. Aaah those reflections, i could contemplate that for minutes. It is soothing in a way...

Well yeah i like it, to hell with preconceptions!

I'll have to admit it: the one standing looks deliciously bright. And it is a beautiful color. Aaah, those reflections, i could contemplate that for... minutes. It is calming, in a way...

To hell with preconceptions!

Buttus said,
$2800+ sounds like a bit much for gold plating... or is there more?
For 24 carat? They have to layer it in gold...REAL gold and the pieces have to fit as they did prior?

well, i guess they'd have to make a new outside, because i don't think you can plate aluminum? i'm not sure. but the gold plating is so thin, it wouldn't keep the pieces from going back together. gold plating is such a small amount of gold.

It looks like you can't plate directly on the aluminum but you can layer zinc, copper, and then gold. I've never actually done this...I just googled it. Maybe they just make their own cases. At those prices, I'm sure they can mill out a few parts.

Is it just me or do they look tacky? I was not surprised when they said a lot of sales from the middle east (read oil barons) seeing as they already drive gold Lamborghinis! More money than cents...

UseLess said,
Is it just me or do they look tacky? I was not surprised when they said a lot of sales from the middle east (read oil barons) seeing as they already drive gold Lamborghinis! More money than cents...

I stopped reading at "cents...", but you are right.

When I was building my last motorcycle I considered plating my suspension with gold (because it was an ugly yellow and I had more money than sense). I called around for a few quotes from places that do things like statues and flatware because vehicle shops typically did chrome/copper/etc.

2.5 micron gold electro-plating on something roughly the length of a mop handle with the diameter of a soup can ran something like $900 (which isn't "that bad" compared to painting). I suspect you could probably gold-plate any phone for a couple hundred bucks, provided you did the disassembly yourself.

I wonder how gold leaf would look? Maybe I'll try it on an old macbook.

Drewidian said,
There goes the light in "thin and light device".

Uhh, not really. Do you have any idea how thin they can hammer gold? They could put a very thin layer of gold on it that may actually cost like $25 in materials.