Google adds More Shortcuts to Gmail, trick to check them all

Everyone loves things that save them time. Seeing the success of the current shortcuts, Google has decided to add even more Gmail shortcuts to its email service - the only problem now is remembering them all. Never fear! Google has also added a help key for shortcuts: “?”. Whenever you are logged in, simply hold shift and hit the forward slash button on your keyboard to bring up the shortcut reference menu. Then, click anywhere in Gmail off of the menu to close it. The feature is only available in the latest version of Gmail, which only works for English IE7 and Firefox 2. Sorry Opera users, you got shafted again! If you have them off, enable shortcuts in Settings ("?" is a shortcut itself).

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My didn't work but it looks like it was a combination of having my gmail account in Spanish and having the keyboard shortcuts turned off. Once I changed both of those settings, it worked for me. It didn't work in Spanish, though, with the keyboard shortcuts still on.

I remember there used to be old short cuts that could be turned on and off. Maybe you have them turned off somewhere in your settings.

I love shortcutes too. :D
But I don't know why shortcutes in Gmail not working like before. Now you need to click somewhere with mouse to work shortcutes. Ex. when I compose new message when I click Tab nothing happens. Before Tab goes to Send button.

the ? trick works..... now the real question is....what knowledge am i going to give up in order to learn keyboard shortcuts for gmail. hope it isn't the eating or breathing ones...

Why did Opera get shafted? The question should be, "Why did only IE7 and Firefox 2 get it?" My thoughts: IE7 = lots of users, Firefox 2 = Firefox+Google Toolbar (why would Google deny users of its Google toolbar?)

Google has shafted Opera constantly since Google started suppoting FF.

Both their spreadhseet and the writer worked fine in Opera, untill they did that Firefox campaign, then suddenly the Google office stuff was patched and non of them worked at all in opera no matter what you tried to mask operas agent as.

It works too since Opera's user base is so small, and people want to use the google stuff. So they can get the Opera users to change to FF, afterall most opera users won't use IE. and they can't shaft the IE users, there's just too many of them.

and come on, if Google had actually just followed the webstandards, then all their stuff would have worked fine in Opera.