Google adds PayPal support when purchasing on Google Play

A recent post has unveiled support for payment through PayPal on Google Play. Both companies aim to bring seamless transactions when buying apps, allowing for increased ease of use when navigating the market. The feature can be accessed without update, and it accepts payments for all digital goods Google and mobile developers have to offer. 

This method of payment can be used swiftly, just log into PayPal through the “Google Wallet” button on the "Payment Options" menu within the store. This will then debit the balance from your account, allowing you to remove any card details from Google if you wish to do so.

The new service is available in a dozen countries so far, including Austria, Belgium, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, the UK and the states. Google has also expanded carrier billing, which allows users to pay through their network bundle, to seven more countries to the likes of Thailand and Taiwan. 

PayPal has had a bit of a monopoly over the online financing market for quite some time, especially due to its integration with worldwide auctioning site eBay. The company draws in around $315 million payments a day, so we would assume quite a few Android users will take advantage of this service.

Source: Android DevelopersImage via Android Developers

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Already used it, I use my PayPal witch is linked to my bank so I always pay 'cash' will be great for music tought as I don't buy most apps. Only have 2 or 3 paid app since I own a phone lol. But I'm glad to depart from the horrible software on my pc that is iTunes (in Canada here no other choices before that)

bigmehdi said,
Next step, google acquire paypal.

I don't see eBay ever letting it go. Google would have to buy them too.

Is this a new concept or something?
I'd been paying for Windows apps using Paypal now since 2012

Why wouldn't google have this long ago?

Google has 2 methods for play store:

1) pay with credit card


2) bill your purchases to your cellphone provider and pay later. (I use this one mostly.)

Now they are adding PayPal to their store for customers.

Doesn't your bank offer something in the nature of an debit card on a credit plastic? Or an temporary (usually 30 days online credit card) one? For example I have an MasterCard Debit which can also be used as an credit card.