Google cans another product - this time, it's Latitude

While Google is known primarily as a search engine, the company operates many other products, including Maps and Latitude. After today's announcement, you can scratch Latitude off that list, as they're retiring it in August.

In a post on Google's Support page, they confirm Latitude's last day will be August 9th, 2013. However, if you've used Latitude before you know it encompassed more than just one service, and the following list will all be scrapped as a result:

  • Latitude website
  • Latitude in Google Maps (Android)
  • Latitude for iPhone
  • Latitude API
  • iGoogle Gadget

Launched in 2009, Latitude is a surprisingly useful service for sharing one's location with others, but Google can't have been too interested in holding onto this past success. 2013 has been an unusual year for Google services, with the immensely popular Reader also being killed off.

Unlike Reader, which had plenty of alternatives suggested, there is nothing else quite like Latitude. As a result, their Support page might not be much consolation to some people.

On the upside, much of the functionality will be going to Google+ instead. While you might not use G+, it seems Google really, really wants you to, and will migrate some more exclusive features to it as well.

Source: Google Support | Image via Doobybrain | Discuss this on the forums!

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Never really use latitude, i mucked around with it once, but it offered nothing for me. As for google+, i don't think so.

"Unlike Reader, which had plenty of alternatives suggested, there is nothing else quite like Latitude. As a result, their Support page might not be much consolation to some people."

I may be missing something, but... FourSquare?

Yeah, there does seem to be a lot of strongly worded and biased language in this article. Referring to Reader as '...immensely popular' is a bit of a distortion -- I live and breathe on my years-long addiction to RSS but for most consumers and even in the workplace, it's pretty much a non-issue. Journalists and other research-related jobs are it's strong suit but tech writers and bloggers are oddly unaware of their place in a niche market. Reader, and Latitude, are and will be missed by their users, but reading this article gives the impression Google is out to kill the Internet. Sure there are serious issues with Google being such a massive online presence but I don't think something like Latitude's demise is one of them.

Latitude was one of the last features that kept me using Android a.k.a. CrashDroid, the last feature is the relatively low price, but it looks like this is going away as well.

It would have been better if they announced the one in Google Plus and then after a year removed latitude, they make people hate them a bit by bit, the same as Microsoft did to their customers, stupid Google.

Mine shows that, it might be a feature of the "new" maps, and that's not been fully rolled out to everyone yet.

Some things are just stupid, it make sense to move latitude to Google Plus, but it also makes sense to show the friends on Google Maps!

Reading between the lines of the original blog post, they are saying:

Hey, the latitude team and the plus team had an argument, it resulted in 35 broken teethe between both of us, 7 black eyes, two minor concussions, and one poor guy is a bit dizzy and relearning how to write while I am writing this blog post , they won, and they took latitude!
Will wait for Round 2, when the maps team will try to reintegrate the location reporting feature!

Never used Latitude anyway, didn't know anyone who used it.
Most I know are on Foursquare.

Anyway i don't like how the old Maps app runs in the background, haven't catch the new Maps app do it though.

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