Google chairman: Microsoft is still not in his "gang"

Google chairman Eric Schmidt still doesn't want Microsoft in his self proclaimed "Gang of Four" top tech companies. In May 2011, Schmidt said that his own company, along with Apple, Amazon, and Facebook, were in the gang and they effectively ruled the industry.

In a new chat at, Schmidt said that he was still not ready to bring Microsoft into his "gang", saying, "They’re a well-run company, but they haven’t been able to bring state-of-the-art products into the fields we’re talking about yet."

Those products include smartphones and tablets. Schmidt has predicted that Google's Android OS will be installed in "1 billion mobile devices" within a year. He added that the company is now seeing about 1.3 million new Android hardware activations per day.

But what about Microsoft's attempt to enter the mobile space with their own hardware product, the Surface tablet? When asked, Schmidt said, "It means a lot if the product works." He also feels that while Microsoft was successful in creating a "structural monopoly" for the PC space, that won't work with tablets and smartphones. He also believes that software developers are thinking about mobile apps first and web apps second.

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Google is NOT cool in any way - in fact, they're being proven to be nothing more than a bunch of thieves nobody trusts anymore. I can't believe how many people are suing them - 55,000 individual lawsuits in China alone.

Apple has a best-selling mobile OS + phone/tablet
Amazon has a best selling content eco system in ebooks, movies, music etc.
Facebook has a best selling social network
...and Google is copying and in some cases trying to catch up with those 3

so he makes up a gang of four? got it!

Did he really compared a Chromebook a to Surface? He must be smoking! Yeah a browser inside a laptop is the same thing as an OS that runs on a tablet, laptop and desktop.

hahaha what a tool! seriously.
2 out of the 3 companies wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Microsoft. Even Google itself would've never been around if it wasn't for Microsoft.
Funny though, I think his life long dream was to work for Microsoft but Microsoft didn't want him and now he's jealous and crying.

Before Google even started the development of their Android and Chrome mobile software, MS had already licensed its own Windows Mobile OS to the millions of devices.

The first Pocket PC was released in the year 2000.

So, guys, it's you who are playing the catch-up game

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I think that it's a Microsoft lovefest in here. Too many people are deluding themselves that Windows 8 will be a market success. Not even Google fanatics are claiming that Chromebooks are the next big thing. In fact, Windows 8 RT and Chrome OS are about the same as each other: neither support any existing app ecosystems and both are betting on HTML5. At least Windows 8 x86/x64 supports existing app ecosystems but these ecosystems are treated a second class citizens as none of the new Windows 8 features are compatible with it, only the Desktop mode.

I'm not against Microsoft and I don't like/hate products based on allegiances to any company, I just see it for what it is and so far nobody here seems to look past their allegiances to their favourite company.

Agreed, it's quite sad to see many bitter single sentence comments that don't offer much in the form of a discussion. I've noticed lately a few of the articles on Neowin with, even in the slightest, a negative angle on Microsoft get flooded with kneejerk responses, like the "Steve Ballmer admits Microsoft is becoming more like Apple" article yesterday.

Then you have not been to my town. Google Droidfans are saying the Chromebook is the best thing since sliced bread and all that...

Simon- said,
... Not even Google fanatics are claiming that Chromebooks are the next big thing...

I think Eric should settle this with Microsoft over a Pokemon battle.

In all seriousness, the problem with tablets currently available is that you can't actually do your work on them. Let's say i wanted to write up my university dissertation, I can honestly say I wouldn't write it on an iPad or an Android tablet. Microsoft have the practicality trait for Surface pretty much nailed.

Additionally, and completely unrelated is fact that the young woman in the image for this article is pretty cute .

Zeikku said,

Additionally, and completely unrelated is fact that the young woman in the image for this article is pretty cute .

Yeah, curious choice, that picture...

what? chromebook? there are more TYPES of Win8 devices than sold chromebook units

my favourite part was: "Microsoft built a structural monopoly around Windows. Produced enormous value, and a series of antitrust cases, which they lost. So is that the right model to solve problems?"

LOL, google whining about lawsuites? do schmidt meet with google's legal department nowadays? i would say the bags under their eyes and the sweaty shirts should be a dead giveaway...

as for the "gang of four"? who actually cares about google's interpretation of "cool and innovative" tech companies? more to the point this gang of four has 3 members gangbanging the fourth: apple is just KILLING google while they kicked around by facebook in social networking and amazon still has way better content sharing than google (well, apple and microsoft has better ones too)

this guy is just an accountant with a dream of being steve jobs but really, he's just plain boring

Oh no, what will Microsoft ever do because one of their competitors don't like them? Google has taken their ball and gone home in a fit because Microsoft will not bend over and take it as Google tells them to. More companies (Apple) are seeing that they don't need Google, and while it has been a tough start, Google is becoming less and less a focus. And they don't like it.

Dam, MS must be really ****ed not to have been included in Erics self made gang, I heard they get jelly and ice cream every Friday.....

Oh come on now you left out the best part:

Mossberg: Can some other company make a truly integrated device that's comparable to what Apple does and Microsoft is trying to do?

Schmidt: Google is doing that with Chromebooks.


Avatar Roku said,
Oh come on now you left out the best part:


You can't argue that Google is not making an attempt.
They've not succeeded (yet), that's all.

a0me said,

You can't argue that Google is not making an attempt.
They've not succeeded (yet), that's all.

And they will never succeed. Chromebooks are simply complete crap, theres no market for them at all unless they get them under $100, which is what they're worth considering how useless they are! Chromebooks are so limited that even Android or iOS tablets make them look like kids toys, and thats saying something considering both those OS's are toys in comparison to Win 8 devices.

Theres so many other bad things about Chromebooks that i'd be here all day if i was to list it all. Utter failure.

"They're a well-run company, but they haven't been able to bring state-of-the-art products into the fields we're talking about yet."

October 26th and 29th can't come soon enough